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CSS, JS, & Media not working

Sometimes you’ll find your assets aren’t loading when you preview or publish your site. This is almost always due to path issues. The best way to solve this issue is to ensure you’re always allowing your SSG (Static Site Generator) to generate URLs.
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Build an Elastic Range Input with SVG and anime.js

Among all the fascinating web components we can found in any UI, forms are usually the most boring part. In the past, there used to be only a few text input elements, where the user had to enter the data manually.
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Creating a Sense of 3D With the Perspective Property of CSS3

In this tutorial, we will create an interactive element with the CSS3 perspective property in order to give a sense of three dimensions. This tutorial will also teach you how to use jQuery with mouse events in order to obtain element positions in JavaScript and how to manipulate the CSS properties.
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Google is improving Progressive Web Apps on Chrome and Chrome OS

Near the end of last year, Google told developers that it was working to phase out apps in the Chrome Web Store, in favor of platform-independent Progressive Web Apps. While PWAs already fully work in Chrome and Chrome OS, Google has been trying to make them look and feel more like desktop programs.
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Creating and Publishing Web Components with Stencil

Web Components is a technology I’ve been excited about for years. The idea is that you can create your own UI components that are supported in the browser regardless of which framework you are using (or none at all for that matter).
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Freebie: 2 Beautiful Checkout Forms

In this post we would like to share with you 2 awesome shopping cart and payment form templates. Just like all our freebies, these templates are completely free to use (no attribution required), fully responsive, and super easy to implement - just copy and paste!
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Polacode – Easily Share Code Screenshots from VS Code

Polacode is an extension for VS Code that allows you to quickly create awesome screenshots of your code for sharing with others. What makes this unique is it keeps your existing theme and fonts and puts it in a nice layout. Here is an example: I do agree the output looks great and is quick to use.
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