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Animate Calligraphy with SVG

From time to time at Stackoverflow, the question pops up whether there is an equivalent to the stroke-dashoffset technique for animating the SVG stroke that works for the fill attribute. But upon closer inspection, what the questions are really trying to ask is something like this:
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Getting Started With Google Cloud Functions and MongoDB

Serverless architectures are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. In my experience, container-based orchestration frameworks have a steep learning curve and are overkill for most consumer-facing companies.
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JavaScript Functional Programming (Solution to Code Challenge #11)

Tried the code challenge #11? In that, we delved into solving basic array problems using array methods such as map(), reduce(), filter() etc. You can find the awesome entries in the comment section of the post as well on Twitter using the hashtag #scotchchallenge.
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Augmented Reality in an Ionic/Angular PWA

Recently, I published a tutorial on using ThreeJS with Ionic to embed virtual reality content into a mobile application using WebVR.
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Vue CLI 3: A Game Changer for Front-End Development

Vue creator Evan You's recent conference keynote didn't mention much about new features for Vue, instead focusing almost entirely on Vue CLI 3.
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Topcoat – Lightning-fast CSS Framework Developers Will Love

When picking a frontend framework you’ll usually look at aesthetics first. And don’t get me wrong, aesthetics are important! But your website’s performance is crucial to usability just as much as the design of your page.
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PHPConsole is a Programming and Live Coding Companion

PHPConsole is a neat Windows desktop application GUI for writing, reading, and executing PHP code by Josiah Ovye Yahaya.
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