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✨? Angular Platform Cloud ?✨

I invite everyone to participate in the development of ✨?Angular Platform Cloud ?✨. To participate, just stamp the blood Twitter or Telegram. Run npm run serve:dev for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/.
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@ngrx/data will change your life

I’ve been using some form of the redux pattern for a couple of years now, and with some small exceptions, I’m largely doing the same kind of things each time — creating entities, reading them, updating them, deleting them.
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Bar Chart Race, Explained

Netlify CMS Open Authoring

I like the term "Git-backed CMS." That term works for an emerging style of CMS that looks and behaves much like any other CMS, with a fascinating twist:
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Minko Gechev on Twitter

Browser notepad in 1 line
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Understanding Closures

If you already know the main concept, the closures are not hard to understand. But it is difficult to understand by reading only theoretical explanations. Our article is for programmers with any experience. For easier understanding, the examples are in javascript.
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Build your own React

⚠️ This is a draft, I’m still writing this post. Subscribe to the merge event on this PR to receive a notification when I publish it. We are going to rewrite React from scratch. Step by step.
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