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If you think `ngDoCheck` means your component is being checked — read this article

There’s one question that comes up again and again on stackoverflow. The question is about ngDoCheck lifecycle hook that is triggered for a component that implements OnPush change detection strategy. It’s usually formulated something like:
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Official Angular component for fullPage.js

Architectures for huge Angular based enterprise applications

Progressive Web Apps bieten den Komfort nativer Anwendungen, indem sie auf moderne Browser APIs, wie Service Worker, setzen. Sie sind installierbar sowie offlinefähig und nutzen Hintergrundprozesse für Datensynchronisation und Push-Notifications.
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Modern Frontend CI/CD Architecture — The Missing Guide (Part. 1)

When building modern frontend Web applications involving large teams and a “gitflow” branching model (or a similar workflow), being able to preview the changes introduced by a particular Pull Request before merging them is a great asset and can be a good productivity boost.
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Your guide to AWS mobile and web development at re:Invent 2018

AWS re:Invent 2018 is almost here, and we know you won’t want to miss any of the mobile and web app development sessions.
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Building Mobile Apps With Angular or Vue.js and NativeScript {N}

More and more Java developers have been coming into contact with front-end development in recent years. For this group of developers, it is only a small step to switch to mobile app development with NativeScript.
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Create a Real-Time App with Socket.IO, Angular, and Node.js

WebSocket is the internet protocol that allows for full duplex communication between a server and clients.
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