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Everyday I get a few emails asking about the specifics of some piece of software or hardware I use. If there is something missing leave a comment below or ask in my AMA — happy to chat and help you figure out your own situation.
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Debug Angular apps in production without revealing source maps

When our app gets deployed to production we often encounter a different code than the one we edited during development. Our code get’s modified and optimized during the build process. TypeScript gets transpiled, minified and uglifed.
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Building a GraphQL Server with Node.js and Express

GraphQL enables us to build a server that a client can query in any way they want. I’m of course talking about content negotiation, the ability to ask the server exactly for the fields or resources they want, at any depth.
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NgRx Facades: Pros and Cons

You may have heard recently about a topic whizzing around the Angular community: facades in NgRx. I thought it’d be a great idea to write an article to talk through this issue. Let’s learn what facades are, the arguments for and against them, and how to implement one.
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Secure Your Mobile App - Episode Two (Securing Data at Rest)

Whether you are developing a traditional native app, a cross-compiled app from the likes of Appcelerator or Xamarin, a hybrid app with Ionic, or a JavaScript-native app with NativeScript or React Native, a common thread that runs through each is app security.
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React for the Angular Developer — Pt 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post focused around the perspective of an Angular developer digging into React. That post was a high-level overview and mainly highlighted the things that I missed in React.
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React for the Angular Dev

Angular and React have dominated the landscape of JavaScript frameworks for some time now. Chances are you probably picked one that suited your needs best and probably stuck with it; after all humans don’t really like change.
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