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ᐸGerardSans /ᐳ??? on Twitter

Difference between switchMap, mergeMap and concatMap #ngrx #rxjs #angular
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Improved Perceived Performance with Skeleton Screens

Skeleton screens… You might think sound a little scary and or that they’re hard to implement, but what if I told you that they are actuall quite simple to make. Once added to your app, skeleton screens become an awesome feature to make your app feel incredibly fast.
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Justin Couto on Twitter

Angular Playground V4 Just Released! Features: - No #Angular compiler dependency - Smaller build footprint - Optional UI for Touch - Base-href support for production builds - Updated contribution guide - IE11 Support - Improved Error Reporting We love @angular!
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Build a mobile app with Ionic + WordPress

Update 9/15: wpIonic has been modified to work with the WP-API version 2. I’ve also added new features such as post caching and bookmarks. Follow the project on Github for the most recent updates.
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A quick but complete guide to IndexedDB

IndexedDB is one of the storage capabilities introduced into browsers over the years. It’s a key/value store (a noSQL database) considered to be the definitive solution for storing data in browsers.
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Testing Vue components with Laravel Dusk

Adding tests to a project is always beneficial for different aspects, but choosing the right strategy could be a struggle for many developers.
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Building a Text-Based Adventure in Vue.js (3)

It's been a while since I updated my little Vue-based game but I had a bit of time over the weekend to make some small tweaks. Primarily my work was on supporting what I call "lookables" - things that you can look at in a room to get more detail.
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