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The Freelancer’s Guide to Success and Happiness

With more and more designers going freelance, it could be time you followed. Here are six tips to make sure the move is a happy one. In 2016, 34% of the US workforce worked as freelancers, and by 2020, it’s estimated that number will rise to 43%.
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Introduction to Forms in Angular 4: Writing Custom Form Validators

This is the third part of the series on creating forms in Angular. In the first two tutorials, we used Angular's template-driven and model-driven approach to create forms. However, while detailing both the approaches, there was something that we didn't cover—custom validator functions.
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All in One Authentication and Route Protection for a React + GraphQL App

Email, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github and the list can go as long as you wish. These are possible options for authenticating users in your web apps. Apps built with React and GraphQL are no less candidates for such authentications.
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I spent 3 months applying to jobs after a coding bootcamp. Here’s what I learned.

I completed Hack Reactor in July 2016 and took almost 3 months before accepting an offer with Radius Intelligence. I applied to 291 companies, did 32 phone screens, 16 technical screens, 13 coding challenges, 11 on-sites, and received 8 offers.
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Google starts certificate program to fill empty IT jobs

Google starts certificate program to fill empty IT jobs13 mins ago / TechnologyThe global split in how people get news48 mins ago / TechnologyPutin set to win Russian election, facing no real competition49 mins ago / PoliticsPentagon to develop more nuclear weapons1 hour ago / PoliticsRetailers
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10 Common Ionic Problems & Error Messages (And How to Fix Them)

We have all seen many error messages while developing our Ionic apps. Some appear more frequent, others appear only on very special occasions. But especially for beginners these messages can be challenging as the meaning is not always clear.
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How to Build an Angular 5 Material App

Angular Material has recently been updated, so our previous tutorial is outdated. Angular 5 has also just released, so it's worth revisiting this topic to get everyone up to date with Angular + Material!
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