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How to download Google Chrome offline installers

A net installer is downloaded to your system when you hit the download Chrome button on the official Google Chrome download page.
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First Look: Angular Ivy

What is Angular Ivy? Learn how this new rendering engine for Angular works, how you can stay up to date as it develops and what it means to you. If you're in the Angular world, you may have been hearing this buzzword "Ivy" being tossed around.
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WarriorJS · An exciting game of programming and Artificial Intelligence

Write JavaScript to teach your warrior what to do depending on the situation. Select abilities to customize how your warrior plays. Launch the game from your terminal and check how your warrior does.
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How to Add Animations To Your Ionic App (2 Different Ways!)

One of the most viewed articles on Devdactic is about Animations for Ionic Apps. Today we will take look at 2 different but both great ways to easily Animate our Ionic 2+ app! In this post we will take a look at how to integrate the Angular way of doing animations by using the Web Animations API.
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The best front-end hacking cheatsheets — all in one place.

It’s rather impossible to remember all the APIs by heart. This is when cheatsheets jump in! Here are the best front-end cheatsheets I’ve gathered. Missing your favorite cheatsheet? Please let me know in the comments!
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The CSS Grid Layout vs CSS Frameworks Debate

With cutting-edge CSS standards like CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox, coding a web page layout is no longer such a pain.
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Deploying a VuePress Site to Netlify

Before I begin, let me just state that what I’m covering today is already covered in the docs (Deploys - Netlify), but for me it wasn’t quite detailed enough and I wanted to run through, and then document, the process myself.
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