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How To Download Facebook Videos the easy way [Step by Step Guide]

How To Download Facebook Videos the easy way [Step by Step Guide]:
There are plenty of Video downloaders in the market to fit the bill, if you are looking for an easy way to grab your favorite videos from dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe, etc. What about an easy way to grab your Friends’ Facebook Videos for watching at your convenience? Though it makes me wonder why Facebook allows an easy way downloading pictures directly but not videos.

In this post, we will show you how to download Facebook Videos in a single click without using any third party software which nag you to death with advertisements. All we need is our beloved Firefox browser and a secret but powerful add-on.
Our IngredientsA system with a Linux Distribution/Windows or a MacFirefox browserVideo DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox.Yes, the method we are going to describe is useful on any platform, so you are not restricted to using third party software exclusive to Windows.
One a side note, this is one of the many scenarios wh…

Visions: organize and view your photos in 3D

Launch most image managers, even for the first time, and you’ll feel immediately at home. And that’s because they tend to follow very similar designs. You’ll have album or folder groupings on the left, and image thumbnails on the right; double-clicking something displays it full-screen; right-clicking gives you more options; and in just a few seconds you’ll have a very good understanding of what the program can do.
This is all very easy to use, then. But some say there are better ways to browse your images. Visions, for instance, drops the usual flat folders to present your photos in a configurable 3D interface, which (the developers claim) offers all kind of image management benefits. Really? We downloaded a copy to find out more.
On first launch Visions asks which drives you’d like to check for images. Point the program in the right direction and it’ll scan for folders containing a lot of photos, and each of these will then be represented by a “board” -- a page (complete with thumbnai…

Now you can record to your Android device via USB audio interface

Exstream Software Development, the team responsible for Android four-track app Audio Evolution Mobile, has released an app called USB Audio Recorder Pro which lets users attach USB microphones and other USB audio interfaces to Android 3.1+ devices that support USB host mode.
Musicians, podcasters, and filmmakers alike can now attach microphones to their Android tablet or smartphone and record mono or stereo 16- or 24-bit audio, and also play back over their USB device. Many of the recording variables depend upon the audio interface and Android device that are being used, but the maximum sample rate the app supports is 192 kHz, and files can be saved as wav/flacc/ogg on internal or removable storage.
So far, eXstream Software has tested a handful of audio interfaces, and the Lexicon Alpha, Lambda, and Omega, the M-Audio Duo, Fast Track, and Fast Track Pro, the Presonus 22VSL, Blue Yeti and Yeti PRO, the RME Babyface, as well as the Zoom H2 and H4 are guaranteed to work with the app.

From Windows 8 to Raspberry Pi, we pick the top IT stories of 2012

Windows 8: like it or loathe it, the OS dominated news in 2012.
Aurich Lawson

The year in IT was filled with big changes, as Microsoft unveiled the future of Windows and former enterprise stalwart Research In Motion continued its distressing fall toward irrelevance. The year in IT also had its uplifting stories, from the birth of the Raspberry Pi to Red Hat's success pairing financial success with a vision true to its open source ideals. And, of course, the year in IT also had its share of bizarre and perplexing stories, with the meltdown of Mitt Romney's tech team and the rise and fall of the Windows tech support scammers. Here are our choices for the most interesting stories of the bunch—and we look forward to bringing you many more in 2013.
Windows 8 launch
October 26th saw the release of Microsoft's latest—but not necessarily greatest—operating system: Windows 8. (Read our review.) The scope was ambitious. Windows 8 is striving to be an operating system that can comfortabl…

Free Archiving Tool KuaiZip Boasts Better Compression Than 7-Zip

There’s an umpteen number of file compression utilities out there but 7-Zip easily wins hands-down for most users due to its open-source nature, light memory footprint, wide range of compressed archive format support, and price tag of free. Most archive utilities that we come across nowadays tend to support various archive formats irrespective of their default extension. Though usually, a file archiver works best with its native format for the best overall compression ratio. KuaiZip is a Windows file compression utility that recently crossed my way and left me utterly impressed, to say the least. Not only does it seem to be more powerful than 7-Zip, but its intuitive UI makes it extremely easy to use, even for novices. The tool allows extracting most of the popular archive formats including ZIP, 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z, as well as KuaiZip’s own KZ format.
KuaiZip sports a well laid-out interface, but the obvious mainstay remains its efficient compression …

Toshiba unveils 20MP sensor for point-and-shoot camera

Since smartphone cameras are becoming just as good as most compact point-and-shoot cameras, steps must be taken in order to keep point-and-shoot cameras relevant. Toshiba thinks they have a solution and have unveiled the TCM5115CL 20MP image sensor, and it’s the highest-resolution ever built specifically for point-and-shoots.

The new sensor is a 1/2.3-inch, backside-illuminated CMOS sensor that hits a crazy 20MP, which is a big jump from the 12-16MP sensors in many point-and-shoot cameras that are available today. To combat the noise and sensitivity issues that usually come with a denser design, Toshiba is using pixels that can absorb 15% more of a charge, and therefore more light.
Toshiba has also catered the sensor for high-speed shooting and video as well, with the potential for 1080p video recording at 60FPS and 30FPS burst shooting at full resolution, provided the camera’s processor can keep up. Megapixels certainly aren’t everything, so having a powerful camera to power the sensor…

File Mover: Copy or Move Files with Specific Extension in Windows

Copying and moving files from one location to another is a very simple task that any computer user can do easily. I’m sure you must be thinking as to why anyone would need a tool to copy or move files from one location to another. But you will need a tool if you want to move a specific file type from one location to another. I can explain this with an example: let’s assume that you have a folder which contains hundreds of files in all sorts of formats like Mp3, FLV, Videos, Text, Documents, etc. and you want to copy or move only the Mp3 files from that folder to another. Of course, you can simply select all the Mp3 files one by one but it can become tedious if there are many files. So instead of wasting so much time and effort, you can try out File Mover.
File Mover is a small application designed to move or copy a group of files, based on the file extension, from one directory to another. It will also allow you to delete empty directories afterwards. Also, it will let you list the fil…

Download MP3 Songs from YouTube with 4K YouTube to MP3

I like to download videos from YouTube so that I can watch them offline. There are two reasons why I prefer downloading YouTube videos: 1) due to the slow speed of my internet connection, I can’t view live videos on YouTube and 2) I don’t need to visit YouTube every time I want to watch the video. The internet provides several tools and software to download videos from YouTube without opening YouTube on the browser. Many people also use YouTube to download the latest songs but if you wish to transfer them on your iPod or mobile, first, you need to download the whole video and then convert it into MP3. Download managers like IDM also do not support downloading YouTube videos as MP3 files which can be a hindrance if you really like a video on YouTube and want to download it as MP3 .
4K YouTube to MP3 is the perfect solution for someone looking for an application that can download songs and music from YouTube in MP3 file format. It does not contain a huge array of features but it works ef…

How to Download Any File Directly into Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is by far the most popular cloud storage service online and has millions of users from around the world. A few months back, they launched a two-step verification system thus making it more secure than other online cloud storage services. Dropbox offers 2 GB space for each free account which can be further extended according to their paid plans. Users also have the option to earn some more free space by completing some tasks on Dropbox and inviting their friends to join Dropbox. You can upload your own files and share them safely with your friends with a single click.
Even though it boasts of several useful features, it lacks one important feature i.e. it does not allow users to download any file directly from the web or via direct download link. Users need to first download the file on their system and then upload it manually on Dropbox. This process takes a long time and consumes internet bandwidth as well. is a freeware online service that enables you to downlo…

Remove Password Field Eye Symbol from Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced many new features in Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 being one of them. Not only is Internet Explorer 10 more secure but it also gives a better performance as compared with its older versions. Although Internet Explorer 10 now comes with better security features, its Password Eye feature can jeopardize the security of your passwords. Most Internet Explorer 10 users will have noticed that when we start typing in the password in the password field, Internet Explorer shows a small eye which can be used to view the entered password. This is a good option for checking whether we have entered the right password or not but for obvious security reasons I would rather remove it from my Internet Explorer. I’m sure there many users who would also like to remove this option from their Windows 8 Internet Explorer.

Both Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 do not have any direct option to remove this option. The only way to set and remove this option is by using Group Policy e…

How to Remove or Uninstall 3rd Party Transformation Packs in Windows?

If you are a Windows user and love customizing Windows look-n-feel, you must be aware of 3rd party transformation packs (aka customization packs or skin packs). Transformation packs are basically a collection of Windows themes, software skins, mouse cursors, sound schemes, login screen, boot screen, 3rd party customization software, etc. Most of...

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How to Change Metro Apps Default Installation Location in Windows 8?

One of the best and most impressive feature of Windows 8 is the new Store and its apps. Microsoft has added Google Android and Apple style apps and store in Windows 8 which allows you to download lots of free and paid apps on your Windows 8 PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. But no [...]

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Will OpenJDK Ever Come To Android?

It’s no secret that Android apps are built on a customized version of Java. That being said, some Java developers haven’t made the jump to Android because they would have to rewrite their apps. Is there anything they can do?
JavaWorld reports that some recent rumors suggest OpenJDK, the Oracle-sanctioned open source version of Java, would be coming to Android. It would provide Java developers with an easy entry into Android development. The question now is whether or not it’s possible.
Speaking to JavaWorld, Java founder James Gosling said that there’s no major technical hurdles standing in the way.
“Technically, it’s not a huge problem. Android is just Linux on ARM, and there’s already a nice ARM/Linux version of OpenJDK,” said Gosling. “There are issues that would make the current binaries inappropriate (mostly graphics integration), but it’s not insurmountable.”
That being said, Gosling thinks that the bad blood between Oracle and Google might impede any efforts to bring OpenJDK to And…

How to Use FreeFixer As Your One and Only Removal Tool

FreeFixer is a simple, easy to use removal tool that allows users to manage with software, adware, spyware, viruses and more. For those looking for a very easy way to manage the hazards of a computer, FreeFixer may be the right utility for you. Our guide will show you how to get started and how to get the most out of FreeFixer.
How to use FreeFixer
Once you have downloaded, installed and started FreeFixer up, you can get started cleaning up your computer.
FreeFixer will welcome you to its software.

Click “Donate.”

If after getting used to FreeFixer and you find it useful, you can donate through PayPal to its development from this tab.
Now, click “Settings.”

FreeFixer has very few settings to work with to make it as easy as possible for users. Just keep the settings as is for the best results.
Then, click “Tools.”

FreeFixer offers a handful of tools to help take care of issues that come up when using a computer.
The first tool is the File Nuker. The File Nuker allows you to unlock a file that ca…