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If Threats Are Growing Like Wildfire On Your Computer, Use ThreatFire


ThreatFire is an interesting anti-virus concept that works with other programs to help keep your computer safe. While a traditional anti-virus program can offer a level of protection, ThreatFire wants to work with what you are already using to offer an additional level or support, security and peace of mind. ThreatFire boasts anywhere from a 36% to 217% increase the amount of protection your computer gets from installing its software with other popular anti-virus titles. If you are concerned your computer is still in harm’s way, utilizing ThreatFire could help keep your system even safer.

How to use ThreatFire

ThreatFire is a free download for users. This can be accomplished at ThreatFire’s web site. After downloading and installing ThreatFire, it will team up with your anti-virus software to offer additional levels of protection.

During the install process, you will be required to let ThreatFire do a pre-install scan.

Install scan

Click “Start Scan” to get started with it.

Start Scan

ThreatFire scans your computer in four different areas: Firewall, Virus, Spyware and Threat.

Scanning your system

The firewall scan looks for threats to your firewall as well as issues that might have evaded it. The virus protection scan looks for viruses, malware and other issues that your anti-virus software has missed. The spyware protection scan will look for common spyware, something not all anti-virus programs look for. The threat scan will take a look at other security breaches, also something not all anti-virus programs can find.

PC Security Status

On the right hand side of ThreatFire during the process, it will give you a breakdown of what it is scanning and basic results. In this case, it shows the firewall is okay but that Dr.Web anti-virus is out of date.

PC Security Status - Scan Completed

When the scan is finished, ThreatFire will breakdown what it has found so you can correct those issues.

You can then either opt to let ThreatFire fix those issues or ignore them and move on for the time being.

Ignore and Continue or Fix Now

ThreatFire offers news about the latest threats to your computer worldwide. It also offers protection stats and a system status at any time to let you know what threats and what level of protection your computer has.

ThreatFire main screen

In the top right hand corner of ThreatFire, you will find a way to update and get help. You can update at any time by clicking Smart Update or you can set up automatic updates as well.

Smart Update and Help

On the left hand side of the main screen, you will see your different options for using ThreatFire.

ThreatFire Main Menu

Click “News.”

PC Tools News

ThreatFire will give you the latest information on threats and anti-virus news. This can be useful in being made aware of news that may affect your computer and browsing habits.

Now, click “Start Scan.”

Start Scan

You can choose what type of scan to start here, such as intelli-scan or full scan. Intelli-scan lets you scan just certain, vulnerable areas of your system whereas full scan will let you scan your entire computer. Depending on what you suspect is wrong with your system, one scan may do better than the other.

Once you choose which scan, click “Start Scan.”

System Scan

ThreatFire will begin scanning your system for different threats. This process can take some time, so feel free to walk away until it is over.

Scan complete

When finished, you will be given a list of results as well as the risk level so you can deal with each one.

Head back to the main menu and click “Threat Control.”

Threat Control

This area lets you see logs, quarantine and both allowed and denied items. You can add to the allowed item list at any time; this can help ThreatFire avoid processes, programs and threats you know are okay.

Click on “Advanced Tools” back in the main screen of ThreatFire.

Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools are meant for computer users who understand the dynamics of anti-virus programs. If you are still new to protecting your system, avoid this section. Otherwise, you can utilize its custom rule settings and activity monitoring to take further control of threats to your computer.

Finally, click on “Settings.”


This is where you can customize and tweak ThreatFire to your liking. This includes turning ThreatFire on, its sensitivity level to potential threats and what actions it will take on your behalf. It is worth going through each and every setting and taking the time to let ThreatFire work directly for you.

ThreatFire is an effective way to give your computer additional anti-virus protection. No one program is full-proof, utilizing multiple solutions to virus, spyware and malware protection is key to keeping your computer safe no matter the threat.

Pros of ThreatFire:

  • Offers additional threat protection

  • Works in conjunction with other anti-virus software titles

  • Can be customized in ways other anti-virus programs cannot

Cons of ThreatFire:

  • Does not work with all forms of anti-virus

  • Can utilize more system memory than a user wants

  • Takes time to customize and work in sync with other anti-virus programs

Does ThreatFire put out those wildfires on your computer?

ThreatFire is unique in that it works with other titles to help completely protect your computer from harm. Since one program is never guaranteed to protect a system, utilizing ThreatFire with another anti-virus program can offer a level of protection neither one could provide alone. If you are looking for additional protection, give ThreatFire a try and see if it helps improve your protection level. Let us know what you think of ThreatFire and how it works and interacts with other anti-virus programs you may be using.

Download ThreatFire.

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