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Help train the next generation of computer scientists with a CS4HS grant from Google

It’s that time of year: school is in full swing, the holidays are just around the corner, and we’re once again accepting proposals for our Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) grants. CS4HS is a “train the trainer” program that aims to give teachers the tools they need in order to bring computer science and computational thinking into the classroom.

With a grant from Google, university, college and technical college faculty develop these three to five day workshops—hands-on, interactive opportunities for K-12 teachers to learn how to teach CS to their students. Some programs are geared toward CS teachers, while others are for non-CS teachers who want to incorporate computer science into their curriculum. No two programs are exactly alike, and it is the creative and passionate material that organizers develop which makes this program so unique—and successful.

2013 marks the fifth consecutive year for our CS4HS program, and we’ve grown significantly. Hundreds of students and thousands…

A-VIEW, An E-Learning Platform Is Launched By The President

The President recently launched the much-awaited and the much-delayed Akash II tablet. While the tablet did manage to charm ministers, it waits to be seen how it fairs among students and teachers. Soon after, the President launchedA-VIEW, an e-learning platform.
Given the fact that Indians mainly search about education on Google and the way education is imparted is all set to undergo immense change, what with the proliferation of mobile apps, online universities and mobile internet, it is no surprise that e-learning platforms are fast growing and expanding. In the past, the e-learning platform LurnQ got funds to improve and expand its platform whereas education tablets – KloudPad, Magic Pencil, ClassPad – are being made available to students far and wide.

A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) is an e-learning platform that aims to allow students to attend lectures of excellent professors who teach a myriad of subjects across universities in the country. At the core of A-V…

The Midweek Download: Dec. 5th Edition – Create Cool Apps with the New TouchDevelop Web App

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we have stories on the TouchDevelop Web App for developers, market expansion and new game ratings in the Windows Phone Store and more.
TouchDevelop in your browser. Are you looking for a little extra cash for the upcoming holidays? Then you might be interested in creating some cool apps to sell in the Windows Store. Or maybe you’re simply curious and want to try your hand at developing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. In either case, the newly released TouchDevelop Web App is for you. TouchDevelop Web App is a development environment to create apps on your tablet or smartphone, without requiring a separate PC. Scripts written using TouchDevelop can access data, media and sensors on the phone, tablet and PC. The script can interact with cloud services, including storage, computing and social networks. Read more about it in this Nov. 30 Microsoft Research Connections Blog post and take a look at the video below to see how you can seriously create …