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Cartoon News: Explore The Humorous Side Of Current Affairs [Android]


Love exploring the humorous side of the latest on-going events? Try Cartoon News – a free Android app powered by that lets you explore images of cartoons based on current affairs, political scenarios, sporting events or any other topic that you might be looking for. Featuring quality cartoons from some of the most proficient and gifted cartoonists of the world, Cartoon News ensures that you do not have to rely on an umpteen number of websites to find your laughing stock. Using Cartoon News, you can search for, share and bookmark your favorite cartoons. What’s best is that once you find a cartoon worthy of a share, you can jump to the CartoonStock website to place an order for its printed version and send it as a gift to your friends. More to follow after the jump.


There aren’t too many apps available for smartphones which are specifically meant to search the web for cartoons based on news/events, leave interested users longing for a handy solution. This is where apps such as Cartoon News step in.

The app’s homescreen allows you to browse through the latest cartoons, each referring to (or rather making mockery of) either a recent or upcoming event. To explore cartoons based on Trending Topics, just drag the panel up the screen and pick a topic of your liking.


So then, what do you get with Cartoon News? Well, pretty much anything ranging from the ongoing global recession crisis to Iran’s controversial nuclear program and the upcoming Christmas. You can use the app’s search bar to search for specific topics that you don’t find on the homescreen or in the Trending Topics list. The app also supports browsing cartoons by tags.

Although, the app works perfectly smooth in both landscape as well as portrait orientation, for optimum results, it is recommended that you tilt your device in landscape orientation for better viewing of cartoons.


While the two arrows below each cartoon let you switch between cartoons, tapping on an image lets you share, bookmark or gift it with utmost ease. You can also swipe left or right across the screen to switch between cartoons. To view all your bookmarked content, just tap on the star icon at the top-right of the app’s homescreen. Bookmarks can be explored by tags or date.


Cartoon News is available for free on the Android Market. Download the app from the Market link or QR code provided below.

Download Cartoon News

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