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Create Professional Logos Online For Free With GraphicSprings

graphicsprings-introLogos make a company or organization instantly recognizable. If you have ever really looked at some of the most iconic logos in the world, they are simple and clean. Many of them are just words. For example: TIME, Coca-Cola and Google. GraphicSprings lets users make clean and simple logos for just about anything.

While some people have chosen to pay a marketing firm millions of dollars to create something to symbolize their event, organization or business, you may not have the money to follow suit. Using one of the designed images or shapes and some test is all the know-how needed to make a stunning professional looking logo. Here is a walk-through on making your own professional looking logo for free.

Logo creation

The first step in the process is to choose an icon. The icon is a random shape. GraphicSprings has over 500 icons to choose from. Some of them are abstract and others are geared towards a category. Take your time and think about how you’d like your business or organization to be represented.


The next step in the process is using the editor screen. The simplicity of the editor is where GraphicSprings is different from most image editors and logo creation software. You should see something like this screen after you have selected the icon you’d like to use. In the editor window, you should see the icon you chose, a large font phrase and a small font phrase. The grid in the background helps you line things up easier.


Using the editor is a lot like what many of you may have used in a word processing app. In the first drop-down, you can see the different types of fonts. These are the categories.


Once the category is selected, choose the actual font style. Each category has several font types available.


Take some time and see what the different fonts look like. Get a real feel for what’s available and choose something to compliment the chosen icon. Once you have the ideal font, you can start to move things around and play with the design aspect. By clicking on a single part of the design, you can move and rotate it.To rotate, click and grab the little lever looking offshoot of the selected area. This allows you to spin the text box or icon.


The text blocks work the same way. Grab one of the black squares and drag it in the direction you’d like to expand or contract the selected section.


If desired, the icon and text boxes can be inverted. YOu would probably use this more on the icon than the text though.


To add a little more flair to the logo, you can change the color of the icon and the text.


Try GraphicSprings.

Final thoughts

While there can be a lot of thought put into the look and meaning of a logo, consistency is more important than anything. When people see your logo repeatedly in several different places, they will start to recognize your brand easier. Leave a link to the logo you’ve created in the comment section below.

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