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Holiline Displays A Ticker Of Reminder Alerts In Windows Taskbar

Holiline Reminder is a simple task reminder utility for Windows that aims to help you in keeping a tab on your daily agenda. It lets you specify various types of reminders for important tasks or events such as your best pal’s birthday, or a long anticipated concert of your favorite artist. The application displays event notifications directly on the Taskbar – a neat feature that makes it stand apart from other similar apps, most of which employ notification bubbles or sound alarm for the purpose. This minimalistic approach also keeps things less cluttered and confusing for the users. Read on for more details.

Holiline Reminder sports a unique design. Once installed, you can launch the application via its desktop shortcut and it will start displaying a notification over the Windows Taskbar to tell you about how you can add events to it from the Events Editor. You can reposition the notification panel from the Settings window of the app.

Holiline Reminder_Reminder Set

To add a new event, right-click anywhere on the notification panel and select Events Editor from the context menu. The context menu also lets you access the app’s settings, and enables you to exit the app.

Holiline Reminder_Context Menu

The Events Editor window is where things get interesting. Here, you can set as many reminders as you wish by specifying their date, category, name etc. You can also switch between Table and Calendar views. The integrated calendar proves to be useful in quickly adding reminders for any day by right-clicking a date and then selecting the event type from the context menu.

Holiline Reminder Events Editor

Another way to add events or tasks is by clicking the New Event button at the top-left corner of the window. Birthdays, weddings or holidays can be directly added from the drop down pane. For other types of events such as concerts, assignment due date, or a meeting with your client, you can choose the Custom Event and specify the event type when configuring it.

Holiline Reminder_Event Types

Each type of event will ask you for some relevant details when you attempt to add it. For instance, adding a birthday requires you to enter the person’s name, birth month and date, gender, and the number of days that the notification should appear prior to the actual event date. You can also optionally enter the age of the person, add some additional comments, and set a custom picture of the person.

Holiline Reminder_Birthday

To add pictures, the application contains a native photo editor that helps you crop your desired area from the image. You can zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel, select the area that you want to use, and then click it to add it to your event.

Holiline Reminder_Birthday_Picture

All the added reminders appear under the Table tab, and you can delete or modify them at will. The application displays the date of the event or task, total days left, an icon that signifies the event type, the event caption that also includes the event type, and any optional comments that you may have added.

Holiline Reminder_Added Events

When a reminder is triggered, its notification automatically appears on the taskbar. Hovering the mouse pointer over the reminder shows you its details in a thumbnail-like view.

Holiline Reminder_Reminder Display

The tool’s Settings window allows configuring some application-specific options under Appearance and Advanced tabs. The appearance tabs lets you change the application language, first day of the week, notification panel position (Top, Bottom, or over taskbar), font type, speed of notification, and background gradient of the notification panel.

Holiline Reminder_Settings

Under the Advanced tab, you can set Holiline Reminder to automatically start at Windows logon, change the exit behavior of the notification panel, and optionally set expired reminders to automatically delete after a custom number of days.

Holiline Reminder_Settings_Advanced

Holiline Reminder works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download Holiline Reminder

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