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Automate Everything on Android [Easy Tasker Alternatives]

Automate Everything on Android [Easy Tasker Alternatives]

April 05, 2013 at 10:56PM

Android phones are powerful. Not only can you tweak them to your needs, with the right tools, you can Automate everything from Tasks, Action on Android.

Tasker was the first powerful app to be able to achieve this. You can define what you want your smartphone to do based upon time or an event. E.g. Take a backup of SMS and send to Gmail every day. Another example, automatically reply to calls with a text message when you miss the call. e.g. 3. Turn Off Wifi when you are away form Office and home. Possibilities are endless.

Tasker is a powerful tool but lets admit it, its not the easiest app to use. Often beginners struggle with app’s interface and fail to understand how it works. This is why we are going to talk about Tasker Alternatives that have intuitive interface and are simple to use.

Easy Tasker Alternatives

We would rate the applications discussed here better than Tasker since they are more usable, and made for everyone, not just geeks.

1. Automagic Automation

Automagic Automation has a very intuitive UI, among the bests one can find on Task Automation apps. You can create, define your Task/Action using Flowcharts thereby making the whole thing a lot easier. Flow charts are easier to understand, and quick to make.

Automagic Automation lets you:

  • Change a setting based on your Geo location e.g. toggle Wifi, bluetooth, ringtone.
  • Backup sms to Gmail
  • SMS Auto-Reply
  • Toggle data, wifi, etc when battery is low
  • Put phone in Airplane mode based on time, event.
  • Scheduled, triggered backups of files, folders you choose
  • and many more

Automagic basically has three key stages of a Task: Triggers -> Conditions -> Action.

Trigger decides what is treated as the start for a task e.g. receiving a call, launch an app, lock the device, Outgoing call, network connected, shake, device oriented, etc.

Conditions filters out the criteria to create a more accurately triggered task. e.g. a particular location, Time range, Network available, etc.

Actions is the Intent you wished to execute as a result of the triggers. You can backup a file, download a file from web, execute terminal command, Kill an app, Email using gmail, lock device, set screen brightness, change volume, sound settings, Toggle any setting, send SMS, make a call, etc.

Here are some samples of what kind of tasks you can automate with this app:

Automagic Automation is available on Play Store for $3.99.

2. AutomateIt

AutomateIt is another easy app to automate everything on Android. AutomateIt lets you define set of desired behaviors in response to various events on android.

AutomateIt has few template Trigger-action combos out of the box. You can create following Triggers:

  • SMS from anyone or from a specific contact
  • Battery level for defined percentage.
  • Bluetooth, wifi, data state change: connected, disconnected.
  • USB connected/disconnected.
  • Application launch/exit.
  • Outgoing or incoming  call trigger.
  • NFC trigger
  • Geo Location
  • and many more

Available Actions:

  • Popup custom Notification, with sound/music
  • Toggle bluetooth, wifi, data state.
  • Change sound mode, set volume
  • Start app, kill app
  • Enable/disable other rules (chaining)
  • TTS
  • Call a phone number, Send SMS
  • Reboot, shutdown, airplane mode.
  • many more.

AutomateIt is free and is pretty extensible. You can download popular actions and triggers from its inbuilt store. Check it out at Play Store.

Hope you’ve fun automating your smartphone and life.

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