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[Chrome/Firefox] Reverse Image Search Just Got Easier with Google’s Search by Image Extension

[Chrome/Firefox] Reverse Image Search Just Got Easier with Google’s Search by Image Extension

April 23, 2013 at 01:03AM

Google Goggles has been around for quite a while, making it extremely convenient to Google search for information based on images. While it’s pretty much a fairly tale on our smartphones, our PC’s and Laptops were pretty much left languishing when it comes to easy and convenient reverse image searching.

google reverse image search

The whole need to upload an image (or paste the URL) to mine some information is just cumbersome. It is especially clunky when you have to go through these painstakingly long procedures to dig up some info based on an image which you might have stumbled upon while surfing the web. Thankfully Google themselves seem to have realised this issue faced by scores of Internet users.

Search by Image Extension in a Nutshell

Search by Image extension for Google Chrome is a handy extension by the search giants that lets you perform reverse image search in a single click for any image that you come across while browsing. Search by Image extension even works for non-Public URL’s.

Installing Search by Image

As it is the case with practically any extension in Chrome Web Store, the installation is just a click-accept-n-done affair.

Firefox fans can also enjoy the same extension officially created by Google

Though I am still unable to comprehend why on earth would a search extension require all these extra permissions on Chrome? Google could explain me better perhaps.

search by image Chrome permissions

How does Search by Image work?

Search by Image reduces your work in performing a reverse image search massively. To give you an idea, lets say you found an intriguing image of a new smartphone under development about which you seem to have never heard before.

search by image Chrome

Just right click on the image and select “Search Google with this image” and voila your task is done. As expected, the search works flawlessly. In fact, Google did not even fail to recognize most of the memes I threw at it.

google search by image

Simple Customizability search by image extension options

When it comes to customisability, the options are fairly limited at the moment. You can choose to enable to show the camera icon on the images in Chrome, which will save you a right click if enabled. Also you can enable the icon only for images above a particular size.


The extension is extremely handy in everyday browsing and thanks to the creators, it works flawlessly. A sureshot entry in your “must have” list of Chrome and Firefox extensions!

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