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5 Viral Content Ideas For Your Blogging Success

5 Viral Content Ideas For Your Blogging Success

May 24, 2013 at 01:32PM

Improvisation of web technologies and the fast spreading mobile web has presented many more options of showing content in an informative way than the regular plain old articles. These promising new ways of showing content to users have their own benefits and in this post we analyze some of these new content presentation techniques and how they can help the users:viral content

Why do we use content?

As initial web was mostly made of text and some graphical elements people had to adapt to the limitations of the web technologies of the twentieth century to express themselves. Conveying messages with text and Ascii images ( yes ascii images were very popular in initial days of web). As the web evolved HTML, CSS, Javascript and other technologies helped the web to present web content in more visually appealing, interesting and easy to understand formats.  These formats increased how we interact, understand and share the content on vast array of devices. Here are five such content ideas which can help you succeed in your blogging efforts.

1. Screencasts:

screencastUsed mostly to represent educational content and demonstrations of how to use a software product and its features, screencasts are a capture of the activities on a user’s computer screen, which is usuall accompanied with audio instructions or background music and together they are clubbed to form a video which creates a very powerful content type to showcase some kind of functionality or teach how to use a software etc.

Screencasts have become popular amongst the users as many free tools both standalone and web based are available to create screencasts and the information on how to create great looking screencasts have helped even newbies to create some stunning screencasts showcasing things like – navigating the home page, processs oriented demonstration, tutorials on various topics and as an tool to facilitate ease of understanding of a topic particularly in educational domain.

Some of the popular screencasting tools are:

  • Screenr
  • Active Presenter
  • CamStudio
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Camtasia
  • Screencast-O-Matic

Screencasting software allows class facilitators to record the mouse actions on their screens and provide step-by-step tutorial videos that can instruct students in particular tasks. It can help change a text based lesson into an interactive audio-visual experience, which enhances the engagement, understanding and allows the students to learn at their own pace.

According to studies by experts:

Students learn materials more quickly because the directions on screencasts are easily observed with no need for interpretation. Learning through screencasts has been proven to be motivational and clearer than more static forms of instruction.

The ease with which technology has provided means to create screencasts the role of students in creating tutorials and other educational materials has increased tremendously. This has helped create a paradigm shift in education where it is not just one way of teacher giving directions to student, but now students create screencasts for their class according to their understanding level and teachers facilitate them in coming out with optimal content on a particular topic.

So if you are a tutorial or educational website, the benefits of creating content in screencast formats are pretty obvious and you shouldn’t miss out on the huge benefits and sharability this content format brings to your website.

2. Cartoons:

cartoonsIf you have the creative ability to create effective eye-catching, humorous, sarcastic or any other type of audio-visual content like cartoons, they can bring tremendous boost to your web presence and popularity. Being highly viral cartoons and animations that depict humorous situations do spread on the web like wild-fire and bring in increased value in terms of backlinks, social mentions and shares and website popularity. In some cases it has shown to catapult to a website into stardom in with just one image or animation that caught the attention of the web.

Cartoons and animations can be used to create many types of content some of which are listed below:

  • News content for political, economic and topical issues.
  • Educational content to help students digest a difficult topic in an easy way.
  • Commenting on an issue in a light hearted, humorous or sarcastic manner.
  • Promoting a product or service in an creative manner.
  • Informing users about a complex issue in easy to understand way etc.

As you can see there are many ways on how to use cartoons as an effective content type and how, when and why to use cartoons have no limitations it’s only dependent on how creative you are and how well you can stretch your imagination to justify their usage.

An effective cartoon can be created just by using simple painting tools such as MsPaint or Gimp or complex imaging applications like Photoshop etc.  So if you have, what it takes to pull out some creative stuff or get it done by some expert – Cartoons can be a very effective content to convey complex messages in a funny and interesting way.

3. Infographics:

infographicsAs the name suggests Infographics is Information + graphics presented together in a visually digestible form that helps understand a complex data just at a glance. Infographics are all about data visualization and presentation. As observed by writer and designer David McCandless  in a TED talk:

Infographics provide a sense of relief in a landscape filled with a mind-numbing amount of information.

There’s something almost quite magical about visual information. It’s effortless. It literally pours in. If you’re navigating a dense information jungle, coming across a beautiful graphic or lovely data visualization is a relief. It’s like coming across a clearing in the jungle.

Besides making it physically easier for your audience to relate to your information, Infographics bring lots of other benefits to your website or blog which are listed below:

Besides making it physically easier for your audience to relate to your information, Infographics bring lots of other benefits to your website or blog which are listed below:

  • Help you become a thought leader in your domain.
  • Bring in more traffic and backlinks to your website.
  • Help boost in rankings of your website.
  • Present benefits about your products and services at a glance.
  • Promote your ideas and policies to all those who are related.
  • Improved comprehension of information, ideas, and concepts
  • Enhanced ability to think critically and develop and organize ideas

As pointed out by the web usability expert JaKob Nielsen in his study:

The average person will read about 20% of the words on a regular web page. One of the by-products of this online reality is the “attention economy,” the idea that a  consumer’s attention to information has become a form of currency. A user becomes aware of your content, invests an amount of mental energy consuming that information, and then decides whether to engage further.

The data that can be presented via infographics can only be limited by one’s creative ability. Following types of data have been presented using infographics on the web and elsewhere:

  • Statistics—metrics such as sales, revenue, market research, surveys
  • Chronology—history, order of events, timelines, schedules
  • Geography—locations, metrics by region
  • Anatomy—ingredients, components, lists
  • Hierarchy—organizational structure, needs assessment
  • Process—manufacturing, customer service, sales funnel, lead generation, supply chain
  • Ideas—concepts, theories, thought leadership, ideology
  • Relationships—internal, external, people, products/services
  • Personality—brand humanization, organizational culture

The benefits and applicability of this type of content to any domain make it an indespensable  way to succeed in online domain and that too at a very rapid rate.

4. Podcasts:

podcastPodcast is an audio file which is uploaded on your server or made available to your website users for them to download and listen. It can be in any audio format and can be played by most of the freely available media players. The most popular format of files is .mp3 for podcasts and many online businesses have successfully used podcasts to make money and carve out a niche for themselves.

Podcasting has many benefits some of which are listed below:

  • Podcasting reaches out to a completely new set of your website visitors who are interested in listening to what you say. Audio- only podcasts which are in a sense are the only qualifiers for the term podcasts allow a user to listen to your audio file without straining his eyes. This becomes a favorite means of gathering information while on the way to work or doing something else.
  • Most of the podcasts allow the audio files to be downloaded only after a user has subscribed to it or paid for it so it means interacting with an audience or sending messages to visitors who are really interested in hearing your podcast.
  • Creating high quality and easy to understand podcast around a specific niche allow you to help project yourself as a thought leader in that niche and successful podcasts have often involved more than one speakers.
  • Help you generate a revene stream and new traffic models for your website in case you want to sell your podcasts or offer advertising slots in your podcasts.
  • Unlike other types of content, sophisticated portable equipments are now available that allow the podcasts to be recorded on the move or with very little overhead. This allows for very fast content creation that is both useful and have its own specific audience.

Podcasting allows you to create niche specific content fast and if you have expertise and a pleasing voice, you can use this type of content to build a fan following for your website or blog.  The software and hardware required for creating a podcast don’t cost much and are readily available. With the rapidly expanding mobile web the web users who are interested in podcasts are increasing and so is the opportunity for you to tap into this market.

5. Use an existing content that is popular:

existing viral contentWeb is full of content that has already gone viral and visitors reach those pages in huge volumes everyday.  As a website or blog owner you can easily find out such content and leverage it to increase the popularity and traffic to your own site.

  • Doing such a thing is very easy. First you have to find a popular content, go through it thoroughly and then try to find something that adds a substantial value to that content. It could be some new addition to that topic, a critique to that content, a video related to that content, podcasts, slides, and other type of content that you think will be useful to the visitors to the existing popular content page.
  • Create a post around it and publish it on your website or blog. Then go and comment on that popular post announcing your post and tell clearly about what visitors can find on your blog that extends this post. This way you can leverage the visitor base of existing popular content to create a trickle down traffic stream for your site.
  • This will also present you as an expert in that domain and will help you gain recognition in the niche as you add value to the content of experts.


Web is filled with content and millions of new articles are generated on a daily basis by the huge population of website and blog owners. The rate of creating websites is also increasing and with all that competition around you should really do something that stands out from the crowd in order to be successful. Creating viral content is one such thing. The above five types of content are only the tip of the iceberg that is floating around to being tapped. The only thing that limits you is your creativity and conviction to carve out a niche for yourself.

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