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How To Get Rid Of Annoying Updates From Close Friends On Facebook

How To Get Rid Of Annoying Updates From Close Friends On Facebook

May 15, 2013 at 05:30AM

Facebook TipsAnnoying and unnecessary updates from your friend(s) are flooding your Facebook feed? Facebook is full of naive people who share almost everything irrespective of how stupid it is. You might have some friends who behave like idiots on Facebook by sharing ridiculously stupid things such as the photo of a hungry kid that says one like equals to one dollar or those “divine” photos where one has to like before 3 seconds. Some friends are so politically frustrated that they spend almost all day abusing the government or political parties with ridiculous logic. Of course the Facebook gamers (farmers, chefs, mafia kingpins, detectives etc) top the chart by asking a cow or garlic for their game progress. Imagine the horror if these kind of updates flood your smartphone if you use Facebook Home.

I too have some “share happy” friends who share almost everything within a timespan of 5-10 minutes. Even though the shared stuff is not one of the above mentioned idiotic stuff, it is frustrating to see the whole Facebook news feed to be filled by the updates from the same guy. While the best way to get rid of such annoying updates on Facebook is to hide the updates from them.

But wait a sec! Are they not your close friends? You do want to get some (important) updates from them to know what they are doing or if there is something really important news from their side. Hiding them would not serve the purpose as it goes against the principal of Facebook and that is to socially connect with friends.

So if you want to get rid of the annoying and unnecessary updates from your friend but do want to receive the important announcements from them, here is a little trick that could help you.

How to get only important updates from friends on Facebook:

Click on the option from the right side of the post and choose Hide.

Get only important updates from Facebook friends

Once you hide the story, it gives you an option of Change what updates you get from XYZ. Click on this option.

Get rid of annoying updates on Facebook

Here you can choose what kind of option you want to receive from your friend. Bets would be to choose Only important.


You can also opt for Most updates. This will also reduce the activity of your friend in your news feed. I hope it helps you in keeping your friend with you and your Facebook news feed cleaner.

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