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8Smoker Pro is a comprehensive Windows 8 tweaking software

8Smoker Pro is a comprehensive Windows 8 tweaking software

June 12, 2013 at 07:22PM

Increasingly powerful computer systems and all-time low memory prices have made tweaking software programs obsolete for many users. If you are running 4, 8, 16 or even more Gigabytes of RAM, there is simply no need anymore to optimize the system to free up one hundred or two hundred Megabytes.

Tweaks may still be beneficial to the overall system, both performance and stability wise, especially if you want to get the most out of your system.

8Smoker Pro is a free tweaking software for Windows 8 that you can use to make lots of modifications to the system.

Note: The program includes adware offers, Delta toolbar for example, in the installer. If you do not want to install those, make sure you click on decline. You may receive multiple offers during installation.

The program displays system resources such as the free and available RAM on startup. Next to that are categories that it makes available, with tweaks being selected by default.

8smoker pro

Widgets that belong to the selected category are displayed below. For tweaks, you find Internet Explorer, performance, Shell tweaks and a couple of others listed here.

Once you click on a tweak widget you are taken to a new window where you can browse the available tweaks and settings that you can modify.

Each widget uses all of the available window space, which is a lot, to display its tweaks and configuration options. This makes it rather difficult to orientate yourself quickly, as you need to move your eyes left and right to focus on all the options displayed.

From what I can tell, it includes many of the tweaks that you would come to expect from an application of its kind. You can disable balloon tips, disable various operating system features such as the recycle bin or if programs or background services should be prioritized by the application.

The number if tweaks is surprisingly small considering that the developer divided them into eight tool categories that are all displayed in a large window. It would have probably been better to reduce the number of categories and font settings to cut down on that.

This would have also resolved part of the orientation issues that you may have when using the program for the first time.

You can access several maintenance related tools or system tools from within the program. This includes a startup and services manager under tweaks, and a variety of tools found when you click on the maintenance icon at the top of the screen.

Here you find direct links to Windows system tools and tools integrated by the author of the application.

One interesting feature that you find here in the "Toolbox" is the option to display the applications folder. It contains shortcuts to all apps that you have installed on the system so that you can run them directly from here, or move them to another location to run them directly from the desktop.

It appears that the security category is offering more tweaks than the tweaks category, which is somewhat puzzling. Here you can make many changes to the system, mostly to remove or disable programs and options for users of it.

You can launch the help file with a click on the question mark in the program interface. It offers descriptions for all tweaks and settings the program makes available so that you can look them up here in case you need to find out more about a change before you make it on your system.

The program offers to create a system restore point on start up, and also whenever you modify certain settings in the applications such as removing startup programs. You can create manual restore points at any time with a click on Maintenance > System Restore > Create System Restore Point in the program interface.


If you are looking for a tweaking program for Windows 8, then you may want to check this one out. It offers many features and options to you and while the way they are displayed is not ideal, it is nothing that should keep you from taking the application for a test ride. (via)

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