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Selectively Add Or Remove Colors In An Image With Color Splash Pro

Almost a year ago, we reviewed a very famous app called Color Splash Smart that allowed you to selectively color parts of a photograph. It’s a great effect to add to your photos when you want to highlight a particular subject or region in it. Unfortunately, Color Splash Smart is no longer free and if you are looking for a free alternative for it, give Color Splash Pro a shot. It’s a free Mac app that does pretty much the same thing as Color Splash Smart. While it has fewer features in terms of the extra stuff like crop and resize tools, you can easily find all those in several other free apps so that shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s find out more about Color Splash Pro after the jump.
Color Splash Pro works in two modes: color, and black & white. The color mode lets you selectively color an image, whereas the black & white mode lets you selectively make parts of the picture grayscale.
To open images, you can drag & drop them from your desktop or use the button at the bottom lef…

EyePro Helps PC Users Rest Or Exercise Their Eyes At Regular Intervals

Working continuously on a computer can put a lot of strain on your eyes and often results in a heavy head. A lot of people these days, either required by work or by their own choice, spend a lot of time in front of computers, which can leave adverse effects on their health. One way to avoid getting exhausted is to take small breaks in between your work as it keeps the mind fresh, helping you perform better in the long run. Taking breaks also helps in preventing eye and wrist muscle strain. Today, we have a comprehensive eye-care utility for you called EyePro that reminds you to take regular breaks after user-defined intervals. Moreover, all your work and break statistics are recorded and can be viewed to improve your routine. With each break notification, you are also shown an eye-care tip. More tips as well as different exercises for eyes can also be found in the app.
The configuration window of EyePro is divided into four tabs: Settings, Usage Stats, EyeCare Tips and Addons. The Sett…

Last Message For Android Alerts Select Contacts When Battery Is Low

Despite constant measures taken by mobile device manufacturers regarding battery performance issues, you’ll still find a lot of dissatisfied users out there complaining about irregularities in their devices’ battery behavior. The worst situation arises when you need to stay in touch with your contacts on the move and your device suddenly powers off due to low battery. How often have you been confronted by such a helpless situation where you were unaware of your device’s battery status and consequentially failed to inform your contacts that you might not be able to reply to them for a while just because of your dead mobile battery? How about an app that could automatically determine your device’s alarmingly low battery level in such dire circumstances and send that one final message to your contacts before you can catch up with them again after a fresh recharge. Enter Last Message – a free and customizable Android app that is capable of automatically sending a personalized message to y…

Switchblade 0.70 troubleshooting toolkit revamps programs, adds Process Hacker

It’s a week since we covered Switchblade, an interesting portable troubleshooting toolkit which was a little flawed by its selection of programs. While there were some excellent choices, the package was distinctly short on system monitoring tools. And we weren’t entirely sure that most people would want to install a copy of Apache on a PC they were investigating, either.
With further questions soon emerging over licensing issues for some of the programs, it wasn’t long before the author removed the SourceForge download. It’s just reappeared in a new Switchblade 0.70 build, though, which appears to address at least some of the previous issues and concerns.
Some had wondered whether the author had the right to distribute a portable edition of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, for instance, and sure enough it’s now been removed. And IObit Uninstaller and Advanced System Care have similarly been pulled from the lineup.
The current bundle is also the more compact version, which doesn’t include Apach…

Jailbreak Windows RT to run deskop software

Earlier this week news broke that it was possible to circumvent Windows RT’s code integrity mechanism which effectively paved the way for a jailbreak of the system. When applied, it would remove the restriction to only execute Windows Store apps and the native programs the operating system shipped with. While that still did not mean that users were able to run x86 code on Windows RT machines, it meant that software compiled for ARM devices could be run on the system which opened up several possibilities including the forming of a homebrew scene and well, the execution of existing ARM software of course.
The main issue with the revelation was that the explanation was not really designed as a walkthrough on how to jailbreak the operating system. It is therefore likely that only a fraction of users who read the explanation tried to apply it on their systems. The method is also restricted to sessions as it can’t be permanently altered on devices that have Secure Boot enabled.
An XDA user by…

Daily App: News Bento (Windows 8) – Windows 8 gets its Flipboard?

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Blame it on Flipboard. The app that made it big on the iPad has pretty much redefined our expectations from newsreading apps, pulling us away from the text-heavy RSS feeds of yore and tossing us into territory that looks more like a digital news magazine than anything else. The result: scarcely does a new platform pop up on the horizon than the pundits nod indulgently at its interface and then pause and ask “Ah yes, all very good. BUT does it have anything like Flipboard in the app department?” (and Instagram too, but then hey, this is a story about a Windows 8 news app). If you think we are exaggrating, just ask Android users how long they laboured under that slur.

Well, the Windows 8 crowd won’t have to do that. For while, Flipboard itself shows no sign of arriving on the platform, it does have a few handy clones out there. The best of which …

Free Viewer: Multi Format File Viewer for Windows

There are numerous players, tools and codec packs available to play different types of media files on any Windows operating system. By default, Windows can play only a limited number of media file types like mpeg, AVI, DAT and Mp3 on the computer but in case you want to play other popular media formats like FLV, DivX, 3GP, etc. then you need to install third party applications like Classic Media Player, VLC, GOM Player and so on. Similarly, Windows has certain limits when it comes to opening different files types like for instance, you must install a suitable PDF Reader to open PDF files. You also need to install Microsoft Office software to open Microsoft Office files like Documents, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. There are very few applications that can open and play most of the media and document formats in Windows operating system.
Free Viewer is the ultimate solution for opening different types of files using a single application. It can open more than 100 types of files without having t…

SpyShelter Helps Keep Keylogging From Ruining Your Computer’s Every Action

Key logging is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a computer. Without your knowledge, a malicious hacker can trace every movement you make with a keyboard to use against you. This includes finding out passwords, usernames and even banking details without you realizing how easy you are giving it all up. Spy Shelter is one such way to help prevent your system from being infected by keyloggers. It is easy to get started with and out guide will show you how before you make the decision whether to buy the paid version or not.
How to use SpyShelter
When you first start SpyShelter, you will be greeted by its main screen which gives you a breakdown of all the keylogging areas it is monitoring.

From the get go, SpyShelter will protect you from a majority of keyloggers and with updates, you can stay protected no matter what.
Click on “Rules” in the toolbar.

This area shows you exceptions to keylogging, such as necessary Windows files and other programs that may mimic keyloggers. You…