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Snap Guides To Measure Website Elements With Tape For Chrome

Good web design relies on several factors, one of which is the right placement of every element. Tape is a Chrome extension to help web designers with this by allowing you to add rulers to a web page. Tape goes beyond what common pixel-measuring extensions offer; it doesn’t just tell you the area occupied by a particular element in pixels, but also lets you add as many rulers to the browser interface as you want, to measure and outline the relative distance of different elements from each other. You can add rulers both horizontally and vertically, define origin points (yes, more than one), and set the pointer to automatically snap to different elements in a web page as you move over them, much like in Photoshop. Tape is enabled on a webpage through a button and is controlled solely through your keyboard. Obviously, the web page itself does not remain functional while Tape is enabled, so you won’t miss the normal key functionality.
Once installed, click the extension’s button next to th…

Get Glitch-Free Window Border Transparency In Windows 8

Other than replacing the Start Menu with the Start Screen, the removal of the Aero Glass effect has been one of the most noticeable changes in the Windows 8. This was possibly a move to make the dialog boxes look in harmony with the new Modern UI design principles. After all, the fogged, translucent window borders from Aero Glass didn’t really match the squared corners and opaque graphical elements of the new look. However, there are still a lot of users looking for ways to get the old look back. Previously, we came across a tool called Aero8Tuner that allowed you to make window borders transparent, but it was quite buggy and distorted the windows when you moved them around. WinaeroGlass, is another tool to bring Aero Glass back to Windows, except that this one works really well and isn’t riddled with bugs.
Recently, we came across another method to make the window borders transparent by using a couple of tools in combination, but during our testing, we experienced glitches similar to …

Auto-Organize Files Into Custom Folders Based On Extensions

Keeping our files organized goes a long way; with all our related files neatly organized together, it’s easy to find our required files when we need them. With huge hard disks and broadband access becoming common, many of us don’t care about keeping everything organized anymore, and just keep on piling all our downloads in the default download folder. Later, the thought of going through such a huge pile often makes us shy away from the task. As a result, whenever you need a previously downloaded file, you have to do a manual search. One way to avoid all this mess is to transfer the files to different folders based on file types, as soon as they are downloaded. Desktop Intray lets you automate this process by organizing your files for you into folders of your choice, according to their types.
It might appear a little difficult to understand at first but once you get the hang of it, using Desktop Intray will be as simple as it gets. The app basically works by monitoring a folder for cont…

Turn Off Or Disable Skype Notifications For Specific Users

Instant messaging is a big distraction for me, I don’t prefer using it while I am working. When your concentration is at its optimum stage and when you are amidst a creative process, it feels really annoying when your brain is obstructed as you receive a new message on Skype, Facebook or Gmail.
But sometimes, you are left with no choice other than using an instant messaging application at work. For example, your company or organization uses Skype for corporate communications and the policy is to be online on Skype while you are working. However, there are ways to turn off Skype notifications or disable Skype notifications for specific users, so you won’t be distracted by less important people at work or colleagues who are not related to you.
In this article, I will show you how to enable or disable Skype notifications for specific users and avoid distraction at work
Completely Turn off Skype Notifications
The best way to turn off notifications on Skype is to close the application itself, …

Easily View Saved Passwords From Many Windows Apps With PasswdFinder

For long, I have been relying on LastPass to store passwords of various websites on a cloud server, because it can be quite hard to remember each and every password for all the web services you use. Though a lot of us don’t want to keep passwords saved in remote locations due to privacy concerns, and usually store them within the apps. Though at times, it’s easy to forget a password that you haven’t had to remember because of having it saved in the app you use it with. We have previously covered many tools that can easily display saved passwords from different apps to help you retrieve forgotten ones, and PasswdFinder is the newest member to the list. This highly useful free app can easily display passwords that are stored even in the deepest corners of your system, thanks to its huge list of supported applications ranging from web browsers and instant messaging apps to email clients, FTP clients, and a lot of other utilities and programs. Keep reading for more details.
PasswdFinder bo…

Run Desktop Apps in the Cloud for Free with Spoon

Spoon gives users the ability to run desktop applications, including, TweetDeck and Autodesk's Design Review and Inventor Fusion Technology Preview from the cloud. Users need only sign-up for an account and install a browser plugin. The applications behave exactly like actual local desktop apps, except perhaps a tad slow. You can open and save files on your local hard drive as well. "Spoon allows software developers to make their existing desktop applications available in the cloud, with no installs," says an announcement from the company. "Spoon applications can be accessed from the library or embedded into any website, blog, or social media service as a 'Spoon Feed' with a single line of HTML."

Once you're logged in and have the extension installed, you can browse Spoon's online catalog of applications. When you find one you want to use, you just click the launch button and it opens as though it's a native ap…

Eliminate Activity History and Surfing Traces With Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one solution for those looking to eliminate Internet activity as well as keep their system in check from the threats of being online in the world. Advanced SystemCare is a perfect solution for those looking to monitor, eliminate and protect a computer from threats.
VikiTech’s guide will show you how to use Advanced SystemCare.
How to get started with Advanced SystemCare
After downloading and installing Advanced SystemCare, you will be given a brief tutorial to walkthrough what the program offers your computer.
Then, you will be redirected to the main screen.

At the top of Advanced SystemCare, you will see a toolbar.
You can switch back and forth between simplified and expert mode. For most users, stick with simplified mode.
To the right of those options, you will see the ability to refresh the program for the latest.
You will also see a t-shirt icon, click on it.

This will open the Rescue Center. From here, you can create a system restore image for your compute…