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How To Repair Windows 8 Using The Refresh and Reset Feature

Like it or not, a OS crash is part and parcel of the Windows experience. Microsoft is aware of this, and that is why they included a “System Restore” feature to allow you to easily restore to a previous working version when the system goes down. Windows 7 came with an advanced feature called “Previous Versions”. In Windows 8, it goes a step further and added a “Refresh” feature that is able to repair and re-install Windows. Let check it out.

Windows 8 Refresh Feature
Windows 8 Refresh feature does only one task – resets the core of Windows to the default settings while keeping all your data and applications intact. Here is how you can make use of the Refresh feature:
1. Go to Settings Search (Windows Key + W)
2. Search for and select “Refresh your PC

3. This will start the full screen dialog of Refresh your PC.

The screen explains what will happen if you continue with the refresh. Here are some of the points mentioned:

Your files and personalization settings won’t change.
Your PC settings wi…

7 Places to Find Creative Commons Images Online

If you’re a journalist, blogger, or any other type of written content producer, you have likely found yourself hunting for images to use in your publications. It is important when using stock imagery that you make sure the images are licensed for your use. Simply performing a Google image search and grabbing the first file you find might be easy, but you face the risk of stealing someone else’s non-freely licensed work – which not only can be considered unethical, but can also damage your reputation.

We have previously written about several general-purpose image search websites. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to seven websites where you can specifically find public domain and Creative Commons images that are free for you to use.
1. Clker

Clker is a resource for public domain clip art with both vector and bitmap images available for download. It is especially good for icons and symbols. One of Clker’s standout features is that it lets you edit any SVG image in a browser-based…

5 Books Every Linux Enthusiast Should Read

Even though there’s a wealth of online information about Linux available on the Internet, one of the best ways to learn is still a good old-fashioned book. Well, not completely old-fashioned. Many of these Linux books are available in electronic formats. The following is a list of five Linux books that every enthusiast should read.

1. The C Programming Language

This classic guide, known as “K&R” among programmers, is a compact guide to the C language, much as the title suggests. Unlike the thousand-page tomes out there, this book, written by C’s creators, the late Dennis Ritchie (also one of the creators of Unix) and Brian Kernighan, the second edition weighs in at a comparatively slim 272 pages, including the appendices. Anyone familiar with the terse style of the manpages should know what to expect from this book. It’s for people who are comfortable programming and doesn’t waste ink explaining basic concepts.
C is not a big language, and it is not well-served by a big book,” the a…

Holiline Displays A Ticker Of Reminder Alerts In Windows Taskbar

Holiline Reminder is a simple task reminder utility for Windows that aims to help you in keeping a tab on your daily agenda. It lets you specify various types of reminders for important tasks or events such as your best pal’s birthday, or a long anticipated concert of your favorite artist. The application displays event notifications directly on the Taskbar – a neat feature that makes it stand apart from other similar apps, most of which employ notification bubbles or sound alarm for the purpose. This minimalistic approach also keeps things less cluttered and confusing for the users. Read on for more details.
Holiline Reminder sports a unique design. Once installed, you can launch the application via its desktop shortcut and it will start displaying a notification over the Windows Taskbar to tell you about how you can add events to it from the Events Editor. You can reposition the notification panel from the Settings window of the app.

To add a new event, right-click anywhere on the not…