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FileFilter Is The Ultimate Tool To Organize Raw Data From Text Files

FileFilter is a portable Windows application that can be used to filter or extract specific data from text files in several formats including TXT, XML and CSV. The application offers a number of additional features that you would normally see in separate apps, such as file renaming, filtering, splitting and XML & CSV file conversion, among others. While these kind of applications tend to be used by a particular niche, FileFilter can come handy in a number of scenarios. The application can be used by web developers, data analysts, and software testers alike. FileFilter also houses an integrated FTP server to move files from local host to remote servers.
FileFilters’s interface presents you with all the features of the app organized in different sections, though the interface may still seem quite overwhelming to many, leaving you feeling lost if you’re not sure what you’re doing. The application can extract and collate data from various files, and worked like a charm on the files we …

Have Your PC Auto Capture Screenshots At User-Defined Intervals

AddictiveTips is all about finding newer tools to help you get more productive and get more things done in lesser time. We always emphasize the importance of screenshot capturing utilities and how they can help you explain system problems to your friends or an expert. Screenshots are used in several situations; from a creating a manual to getting help on a forum, screenshots act as a visual aid to the issue under discussion. If you are a blogger, you likely know the importance of screenshots in explaining things in your blog post already. Mostly screenshot tools provide you with three modes for capturing screenshots: region capture, window capture and full screen. Auto Screenshot Capture is a screenshot app with a difference – it lets you take screenshots in succession after a custom interval, allowing you to capture ongoing screen activity.
One use for the app could be to monitor your screen in case you are giving the computer to someone else, or capture an ongoing on-screen activity …

Run-Command Is A Windows Run Utility Replacement With Favorites

Run-Command is an extended take on the standard Run dialog in Windows. Where the native Run dialog only lets you execute apps or launch websites by inputting a shortcut or executable command, Run-Command does a lot more than that while maintaining a compact UI profile. In addition to the basic Run dialog features, this portable application lets you quickly access commonly used system tools like Command Prompt, Registry Editor and Computer Management using the integrated buttons. You can also set commands, websites, apps, and folders as favorites for instantaneous access. And best of all – it weighs in at only 44 KB for the 32-bit version and 112 KB for the 64-bit variant! More details after the jump.
It’s good to see that Run-Command can do a lot more than the normal Run dialog despite its a minimalistic interface and . When launched, the application resides in the system tray area and takes over the Win + R hotkey, though you can specify a custom hotkey as well. The application allows…

utter! For Android Now Boasts Completely Offline Voice Recognition

utter! is one of the few fully voice-controlled virtual assistants for Android that is universally accessible from anywhere within the entire OS. This functionality combined with the app’s ability to interpret a broad range of voice commands and perform various actions in response makes it a serious competitor in this arena. If you’re using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher, you will definitely want to check out the latest utter! update. utter! v3.0 claims to have become the first app of its kind to bring complete offline voice recognition support to any device rocking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above. That’s right – utter! is now capable of understanding and carrying out your voice commands even if your device is not connected to the internet.

This feature of the app enables you to launch your favorite apps, compose text messages, make phone calls, play around with your device’s system features, set alarms & reminders, manage notes, perform various root-related functions, indulge in…

IM+ Connects You to Every IM Service You Can Dream of In Windows 8

When you use multiple IM services, it can be tricky to juggle them all at once without a program to facilitate them for you. With IM+ for Windows 8 from the Windows Store, you can use it to manage all your IM accounts. The IM+ app supports just about every IM service imaginable and multiple accounts, too, so it makes it the perfect solution for Windows 8 users.
We’ll show you how to get started with IM+ in Windows 8.
How to use IM+ in Windows 8
Open the Windows Store.
Begin typing “IM+.”

Click on the “IM+” app.
After reading a little more about IM+, reviews and more, click on “Install” to begin the installation process.

Once installed, open the live tile for IM+ from the Start screen.
The first time you open IM+, a pop-up will appear to let you know it will store your usernames, passwords and other data when you set up accounts through it.

Click “I agree” if you’re okay with that to continue.

IM+ can run in the background so you can stay on top of incoming IMs and more. Click “Allow” to turn on…

How to Forward Facebook Messages To Gmail Or Other Email Accounts

Do you know that you can forward Facebook messages to Gmail and other email accounts, just like you forward regular email messages? You can move entire facebook conversations to your email account and archive it there or you can forward a Facebook conversation to any email address of your choice.
Now before I describe the steps, why and when should you actually forward or transfer Facebook messages to your Gmail account? There can be a number of situations when you may want to transfer all of your Facebook messages to your email account, some of them are listed below:

You want to backup all Facebook messages and conversations to a safe location.
You want to share a Facebook conversation with someone who is not on Facebook.
You want to email a Facebook conversation or IM chat to a group of friends.
You want to preserve a conversation for later use and want to preserve a conversation for later use.

Whatever the case might be, here is how you can forward a Facebook conversation to any email ad…