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5 Stunning Visual Content Creation Tools For Social Media

These days everyone is making use of social media tools for the purpose of interacting, sharing and even popularizing a brand. If you want your marketing concepts to reach a lot of people, the best way of doing it is with stunning visuals. Creating fantastic imagery that conveys ideas in an excellent way requires creative […]

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Remotely control a PC from your smartphone with ROCCAT Power-Grid

It’s been in development for a long time, but PC remote control app ROCCAT Power-Grid is finally available for iOS and Android devices. And so you’re now able to view your PC’s status, launch and control programs, monitor emails/ Twitter/ Facebook, play music and more, all from the comfort of your own smartphone. This is just the start, though. You’re also able to create your own "grids", collections of tools which help you to control particular programs or perform various tasks. It’s possible to download and install grids created by others, too, and just browsing these will give you an… [Continue Reading]

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Best Apps, Tips And Posts Of The Week [11.11.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular (as well as the less-popular but equally useful) apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss some of the lesser-known features of Android 4.4 KitKat, how to install AOSP-based KitKat ROMs […]Read Best Apps, Tips And Posts Of The Week [11.11.2013] by on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

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[Review] Get A Personalized Browser With MakeMyBrowser

What are the browsers that you use most frequently? Let me guess, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and may be some other. What if you can have a web browser completely personalized to your own test, even with your photo as its logo? MakeMyBrowser, as the names suggests, is a web tool that […]

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Notegraphy brings text back into our visual social apps – and does it beautifully

New app Notegraphy wants to bridge the gap between Instagram photos and status updates using artfully decorated words.The post Notegraphy brings text back into our visual social apps – and does it beautifully appeared first on Digital Trends.

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