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Measure your heart rate with your Android camera

You have lots of options to measure your heart rate. One of the easiest options is to measure your pulse by placing two fingers on the thumb side of the wrist until you feel the pulse beating there. To get an accurate reading, count the pulse for one minute but at the very least for […]
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Create Your Own Street View For Google Maps Using Photo Spheres

Google Maps is one of the most stellar projects undertaken in recent times. In addition to putting a map of the entire world at our disposal, Google has gone one step ahead with Street View, letting us view different areas of the world as if we were standing right there. While Google itself has taken […]
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Locate, Ring, Wipe or Erase One Android Device From Another With ADM

Have you ever been mugged or accidentally lost an Android device? Like everyone else, Google also knows that the smartphones and tablets can easily be snatched by people who shouldn’t be allowed to roam free on the streets, or simply slip out of your pocket or bag while at bars, parties, cabs or even just […]
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5 Best Browser Extensions To Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Sometimes, the default spell checker in browser won’t be enough when we are writing a long note or an article. Also it checks only the spelling, not the grammar. If we make a mistake, it will sound awkward to the readers. So having a good grammar and spell checking extension in your browser is mandatory....

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ShareX is an ultra-configurable screengrab tool

It’s easy to capture screens in Windows: just press PrtSc, Alt+PrtSc or Win+PrtSc (which saves a grab to disc in Windows 8). Unfortunately, the capture is just the beginning, and you’ll then have to spend quite some time editing, annotating, uploading, sharing and otherwise handling your image. If you’re looking for an easier life, then, we would forget about the standard Windows tools, and install the open source ShareX, instead. Not only does it have many more features, but most of them can be entirely automated, so you can get your captures finished with no hassles at all. The program… [Continue Reading]

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Take control of the Windows firewall with’s 'Allow, Block or Remove'

If you’re currently using the Windows firewall then you’ll know the system can work well: it’s lightweight, configurable, and generally does a good job of blocking incoming attacks. But it’s not always easy to use, and deciding which programs can (or can’t) go online is a particularly tricky process. Fortunately’s latest tool, "Allow, Block or Remove", is on hand to help. There are no complex dialogs here, no lengthy lists of rules, protocols, ports or anything else. Instead, just find the executable you’d like to configure in Explorer, and you can block or allow it through the firewall in… [Continue Reading]

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5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android Devices

After Smartphones and Tablets came into existence, Cloud Storage has become a primary storage for many people. Instead of keeping documents in multiple email accounts, cloud storages gives an excellent space to organize those files in a single place. Also there are plenty of cloud services available to quickly upload your mail attachments right from...

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7 Reasons Employees Don't Trust Their Leaders

As the world mourns the loss of Nelsen Mandela and commemorates his greatness as a leader, we would do well to remember that one of the many hallmarks of his leadership was trust. The greatest leaders in the world gravitated toward Mr. Mandela because he was genuinely trustworthy and his purpose was to support peace, prosperity and unity not only in South Africa – but throughout the world. Mandela was able to lead people in ways that many find impossible to do. As he famously said, "It always seems impossible until it's done." Unfortunately, trust is in rare supply these days. People are having trouble trusting each other, according to an AP-GfK poll conducted in November 2013, which found that Americans are suspicious of each other in their everyday encounters. Only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted – down from half who felt that way in 1972, when the General Social Survey first asked the question. Forty years later, in 2013, a record high of nearly …

RandPass Lite: Generate Complex Passwords with Great Control [Windows]

Are you looking for an app to help you generate many complicated passwords in one go? If yes, then RandPass is here to help. RandPass Lite lets Windows users easily generate complex passwords while specifying numerous preferences. These preferences include the password length, characters and words to include, using special custom characters, excluding similar characters,...

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Hide Certain Social Updates with Things you’d Rather See

Social networks have become both our go to locations for information, as well as a place to avoid at certain times — especially when you are watching a big sporting event after it has happened. Nobody likes a spoiler, and avoiding finding out who won the big game generally means staying away from virtually everything...

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Google Launches Great Online Shopping Festival For 3 Days

Google India today announced the launch of its second “Great Online Shopping Festival”. This is a mega online shopping festival which brings all the leading eCommerce players in India on a common platform to provide the best deals available on the web. Backed by the tremendous response last year, this year the mega shopping bonanza […]The post Google Launches Great Online Shopping Festival For 3 Days appeared first on TechVorm.

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How To Join Feedly Beta Channel & Get Early Access To New Features

Since Google Reader’s demise, Feedly has become the number one option for many users who consume online content from blogs and websites via RSS feeds. Although it initially worked with Google Reader accounts only, Feedly now has its own cloud servers capable of storing and managing all your RSS data, though you can still sign […]Read How To Join Feedly Beta Channel & Get Early Access To New Features by on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

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Easily Convert Local & Cloud Drive Videos & Audio Files Online

During the past few years, the internet has helped us migrate our digital activities to the cloud. From communicating with others and collaborating on the same documents to sharing files and converting them on the go, cloud services have managed to make these tasks simpler and more fun. It’s fairly hard to keep track of all […]Read Easily Convert Local & Cloud Drive Videos & Audio Files Online by on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

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Convert PDF Files to Images Online

The Portable Document Format was created by Adobe, but has now been open sourced, allowing others to more easily work with the PDF file type. That has enabled a bit of innovation, and one thing that is possible is the ability to convert the files to other formats, including turning one into an image file....

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Sync Android Calls,Text Messages and Much More To Chrome’s New Tab Page Using Spots

The amount of time we spend on PC and Smartphones are almost equal. We browse, listen to music, work on both the devices equally. So we definitely need an application or a tool to bridge the gap between these two devices. Recently I wrote an app to sync the Clipboard between Smartphones and PC. Today...

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Drft: Create, Format, and Share Text Online on a Distraction Free Interface

Drft (pronounced ‘Draft’) is an excellent web service that serves as a distraction free writing application as well as a convenient note taking tool. In order to begin using the site, you must first create an account. During sign up, users are presented with the option to specify their exact time zone thereby reflecting accurate create-times...

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National Geographic Offers Over 500 Historic Maps to Google Maps

Google is launching an initiative allowing organizations to share their map data with the public via Google Maps. National Geographic announced it is working with Google to bring its own historical cartography to Google Maps as an additional layer on Google’s digital Maps engine. The magazine is using Google Maps Engine platform to bring over 500 of […]

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Improve the start screen search on Windows 8.1 with this handy tip

When it comes to features of the Windows 8.1 operating system, one that I really like is the new and improved Windows Search. You can still start to type directly on the start screen interface to find files, programs, apps, and system tools to run them directly from there. As far as system tools are […]The post Improve the start screen search on Windows 8.1 with this handy tip appeared first on gHacks Technology News.

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Add Contacts to Google, Evernote and Much More Services From Anywhere on the Web

Today most of the people were using Smartphones but still contacts backup and sync is still a problem for them. That’s why we have plenty of apps, browsers extensions and web apps available to manage the contacts. Recently I wrote about a chrome extension to send the contacts from a website in SMS. Today I...

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