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Jolicloud Introduces Jolicloud 2, Your Digital Home On The Web

It’s been five years already, and Jolicloud still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Yesterday, at an event called the Jolicloud Ecosystem Party, the company presented its long-term vision for the company. It also gave everyone a sneak peek at Jolicloud 2, a step forward in the company’s ultimate goal to build the only platform you need to simplify and centralize your life on the web. “I always considered Jolicloud as an incubator to experiment and start new projects,” co-founder and CEO Tariq Krim told me in an interview. “And today, we’re taking down our operating system. We are making a bet on HTML5, which is an open platform. Our vision is to make a personal cloud platform and to empower our users.” While Jolicloud already had a web platform, a second version is coming out in March. Users can expect multiple products around the same idea. The company wants to unify all your services and make everything works together. The first two products are Jolicloud Home and Jolicloud Drive. Chr…