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Laravel Valet Supports Custom Per-Site Drivers

Laravel Valet is an incredible tool for getting a local development environment running in no time at all. It’s driver based, and each driver adds support for a different type of application, framework, CMS, etc.
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What is Express.js and Why Does It Matter?

In a world of monolithic Web frameworks, enterprise-level solutions, and deep toolkits for every language, defaulting to the largest hammer for even the smallest nails is easy. Enter Express.js, described on its website as a "fast, unopinionated, minimalist server-side Web framework for Node.js."
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Web Applications Frontend and Backend Communication Using Angular 2 HTTP Observables

A frequent operation in most web and mobile applications is data request and response from/to a server using a REST architectural style via an HTTP protocol. Angular 2 implements Observables in its HTTP module for working with HTTP response and request.
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Probably The Best Web Tools & Services For 2017

Are you testing over and over web tools and services to find the best ones? You can stop it as we’ve made the job for you and we are eager to present you probably the best web tools and services for 2017.
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How to Create a Data Model for a REST API With LoopBack

Writing a RESTful API for Node and Express is time consuming. You have to design and code each model, with security, parameters, REST endpoints, and even the HTTP status codes. LoopBack, however, takes the pain out of creating an API and can dramatically reduce your development time.
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Creating a Drawing Application in Ionic | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

5 Ways to Run Desktop & Mobile Apps Anywhere

Imagine you need a software like Office, GIMP or Notepad++, but don’t want to install a new app or your computer doesn’t have minimum specs for this software.
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New Book: Mobile App Development with Ionic 2

Guess what I got my grubby little hands on? Yep, a brand-spanking new book on the latest version of Ionic by Chris Griffith. I had the distinct pleasure of being one of the technical reviewers for this book and I enjoyed it quite a lot.
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How to Run Multiple Versions of All Your Dev Tools with Jenv

If you need a platform independent tool that allows you to manage multiple installs of Java-based applications such as Maven, Gradle, and Tomcat, then jenv is the right choice.
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Quick Tip: E-Commerce in 30 Seconds with Gumroad and Jekyll

In my last quick tip, How to Build Customizable HTML Widgets in Jekyll, you learned how to make your own dynamic widgets for Jekyll websites.
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Elementor is the Hottest WordPress Page Builder Right Now

The WordPress editing process can feel clunky with so many opportunities for a cleaner workflow. This is also true for WordPress’ theme customization API which only solves a handful of problems. If you want a much more detailed solution check out Elementor.
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Four Killer Features of Nunjucks

Nunjucks calls itself "A rich and powerful templating language for JavaScript", which sounds about right. It's not intentionally super lightweight like Mustache or the slightly more robust (but still pretty light) Handlebars.
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Why Every Website Needs HTTPS

This article is part of a series created in partnership with SiteGround. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible.
Read More A Visual Tool for Finding and Fixing Design Bugs

When you’re beginning a brand-new design project, you probably start at the same place every time. Sketches turn into wireframes. Wireframes turn into prototypes. Prototypes turn into fleshed out designs.
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Build a React Universal Blog with Next.js and ButterCMS

This article was prepared by a guest contributor to ProgrammableWeb. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view of ProgrammableWeb or its editorial staff.
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Interactive Make Command

The Interactive Make Command is a new package by Laracademy that allows you to get interactive questions after running php artisan make. Finally, run php artisan make to get a list of the commands available.
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Build A Support Ticket Application With AdonisJs – Part 2

Node is a powerful tool to get JavaScript on the server. Use Node to build a great website. This is the concluding part of Build A Support Ticket Application With AdonisJs. In part 1, we setup the application, built the authentication system for users to signup, login, and logout.
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15 Useful .htaccess Snippets for Your WordPress Site

Having a well-configured .htaccess file is crucial if you want to increase security and reduce vulnerabilities on your WordPress site. Usually, the main goal of creating a custom .
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Building Your Own Ionic WordPress Client with WP-API

If you are familiar with WordPress you know that since a few versions ago all instances have a public REST API. Of course I had to jump in when I saw a new WordPress API wrapper library for Angular 2+, created by the awesome Julien Renaux.
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Extracting the Source Code of any Cordova Application | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

HTML Reference – Your Ultimate Study Guide for Everything HTML5

There’s so much to learn HTML and the HTML Reference site is made to help. Every HTML element has its base tag and attributes that go along with it.
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Gmail Script to unsubscribe from mailing lists and newsletters

Gmail Unsubscribe is an open source script for Gmail to unsubscribe from mailing lists and newsletters semi-automatically. If you are not careful about who you share your email address with, chance is high that it could land in spam databases eventually.
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Introduction to Anime.js

JavaScript animation has been around for a while. There is a wide choice of JavaScript animation libraries for you to try out. Among that group, Anime.js has been gaining some significant popularity.
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Doorman – Limit access to your Laravel applications through invite codes

Doorman is a Laravel package that allows you to limit access to your Laravel applications by using invite codes. Once installed you can generate and redeem invites through the Doorman facade and it includes support for Form Request validation.
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