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Showing posts from May 14, 2017

Microsoft's Template Studio builds Universal Windows apps with zero code

Back in 2015, Microsoft unveiled a visual way to write apps from a web browser without writing a single line of code.
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What Is WP-CLI? A Beginner’s Guide

WP-CLI has been around for quite some time now (circa 2011) and has steadily gained momentum in the WordPress developer community. But what is it exactly, and how can you use it in your WordPress workflow?
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User Authorization in Laravel 5.4 with Spatie Laravel-Permission

When building an application, we often need to set up an access control list (ACL). An ACL specifies the level of permission granted to a user of an application.
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GitHub Launches New GitHub Desktop Beta and Expands Atom's Git Functionality

How to Build An Ionic App with Firebase and AngularFire 4

When it comes to building an Ionic app with a solid backend, the current choice for many people is Firebase. And for reasons.
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Modern JavaScript Development Is Hard

It’s not uncommon these days to see people complaining about just how complex JavaScript development seems to have become. I can have some sympathy with that view when it’s coming from someone new to the language.
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Using Pidgin for multiple chat protocols simultaneously in GNU/Linux

Pidgin is a wonderful application used for connecting to multiple chat protocols through a single application, making it much easier to chat to more people at once, and saving on system resources at the same time.
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Format and Manipulate Numbers With Numeral.js

Often it is required that numbers be displayed in a formatted way, such as adding comma separations in long numeric values, plain old numbers with decimal places, percentages, and so on. JavaScript doesn’t come with vast formatting options like most other high level languages.
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