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Showing posts from August 20, 2017

The easiest way to get started with automated & manual testing on real browsers.

Get more testing done with our all-in-one web testing platform. Run parallel automated tests, compare screenshots, and remotely debug on 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers. Get access to our entire testing platform for easier cross browser testing.
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How to Use Ionic SQLite Queries & Pre-Populated Database

Although the Ionic Storage package is great to store almost any kind of data, many of the readers wrote they are using MySQL on the backend side and need some more equivalent storage inside their Ionic app.
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Ionic 3 and Angular 4: Insert and Delete with Token Based Restful API

This table contains user daily updates. Simple PHP code with Slim framework, included new functions and for user insert and delete operations.

Implementing Push Notifications: Setting Up & Firebase

You know those the little notification windows that pop up in the top right (Mac) or bottom right (Windows) corner when, for example, a new article on our favorite blog or a new video on YouTube was uploaded? Those are push notifications.
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Ionic Realtime Chat with

There are many ways to build a chat application with Ionic. You could use Firebase as a realtime database, or you can use your own Node server with some, and that’s what we gonna do today. In this tutorial we will craft a super simple Node.js server and implement Socket.
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Find Coding Jobs That Match Your Tech Stack With This Site

The typical PHP/MySQL stack is no longer the only option for web developers. Newer technologies such as Node, React, and NoSQL databases like Mongo have radically changed the face of development. This is great for coders who want to diversify their skills and stay relevant in the job market.
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How to upgrade XAMPP in Windows? Complete Solution.

I had to write this article cause I couldn’t find any complete solution to help people out with updating XAMPP in Windows. Well, finally here is a easy to understand, step by step guide to upgrade XAMPP that actually works. Kudos!
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