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Showing posts from August 27, 2017

BotMan 2.0 PHP Chatbot Framework

BotMan is a framework agnostic PHP Chatbot framework designed to simplify the task of developing innovative bots for multiple messaging platforms, including Slack, Telegram, Microsoft Bot Framework, Nexmo, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and many more. BotMan 2.
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Panda 5 is The Smart News Reader Designers & Developers Will Love

Old-school RSS readers are still popular because they let people curate the stuff they like, all in one place. Panda Reader has the same idea but takes it a step further with custom RSS feeds for popular design, dev, and tech blogs.
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What's New In AdonisJs 4.0

AdonisJS 4.0 has been in development for quite some time now. Recently Harminder Virk the creator of AdonisJs announced a dev release of the much awaited v4.0 of the framework. In his words:
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Yes, That Web Project Should Be a PWA

It seems like ever since Frances Berriman coined the term “Progressive Web App” in an effort to describe a new class of website, there’s been a great deal of confusion over exactly what a Progressive Web App (PWA) is.
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Laravel Certification Program Announced at Laracon 2017

A licensed Laravel certification platform was announced at Laracon EU this week, and a new landing page is up at The Laravel Certification is a Human Music B.V. product and is officially licensed by Laravel LLC. The certification price will be €249 (about $295.
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Top 10 JavaScript Shorthands for Beginners

JavaScript shorthands not only speed up the coding process but also make scripts shorter, therefore lead to faster page loads. Shorthand codes are just as valid as their longhand versions; they essentially stand for the same thing–only in a more compact format.
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