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Showing posts from October 15, 2017

Build a Music Player with Angular & Electron II : Making the UI

In the previous post on building a music player with Angular and Electron, we were able to successfully setup an environment where our app can live. Angular was bootstrapped, Electron was loaded, and the app opens up displaying a test content.
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Ionic Image Upload and Management with Node.js – Part 2: Ionic App

This is the second post of our Ionic Image upload series! Last time we were building the Node.js backend and API routes, now it’s time to actually use them from a real Ionic app to upload images, display a list of images and delete single images!
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Learn a CSS Framework in 6 Minutes with Bulma

In this tutorial, we’ll be getting started with Bulma, a modern CSS Framework built on Flexbox. For best results, follow along with the video at the end by OpenSource Craft. If you want to learn why you should care about Bulma, check out this video.
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iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Prices in Malaysia – It’s Official

Malaysian iPhone fans rejoice, Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, is finally coming to our shores.
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