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Showing posts from November 5, 2017

Cashify Coupons & Offers For November 2017

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Nest.js Brings TypeScript to Node.js and Express, Part 1

In this article, we are going to learn about Nest.js, a framework for building Node.js web applications. Why Nest.js? Because, although Node.js already contains a lot of libraries to develop web applications, none of them effectively address one of the most important subjects: the architecture.
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How To Build An Ionic App With A Graphcool Backend - Part 4

In the previous part of this tutorial, we created a Shopping List app with Ionic which uses Apollo Client to query a Graphcool backend. In this part, we are going to write code to insert, update and delete items in the shopping list.
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What Do Developers Need to Know to Develop Web Apps?

To gather insights on the state of web application development today, we spoke with 12 executives who are familiar with the current state of the industry and asked them, "What skills do developers need to develop effective web applications?" Here's what they told us: Empathy Empathy for the users a
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100+ Best Node.js Frameworks

Javascript 36097
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Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites

Facebook Messenger is coming to businesses’ own websites.
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Avoid This Common Anti-Pattern in Full-Stack Vue/Laravel Apps

If you want your Vue.js single-page app to communicate with a Laravel backend, you will, quite reasonably, think of using AJAX. Indeed, Laravel comes with the Axios library loaded in by default.
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15 Awesome React Components

React is one of the most popular front-end JavaScript libraries. Developed by Facebook, it allows you to break down even the most complex user interfaces into simple, reusable components.
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