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Showing posts from January 28, 2018

Getting Started with Redux from @dan_abramov on @eggheadio

In this comprehensive tutorial, Dan Abramov - the creator of Redux - will teach you how to manage state in your React application with Redux. State management is absolutely critical in providing users with a well-crafted experience with minimal bugs.
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Build a Download Button Full of Micro Interactions

We often see websites and apps that really get our attention throught some UI details and well designed animations. Those little animation pieces that complement the design are also known as micro-interactions, and they often makes the difference between a good experience and an awesome experience.
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Instant Progressive Web Apps

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are an extremely hot topic right now. In case you haven’t been following the PWA buzz, the idea is that it’s a web app that behaves like a native app.
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Using Conic Gradients and CSS Variables to Create a Doughnut Chart Output for a Range Input

I recently came across this Pen and my first thought was that it could all be done with just three elements: a wrapper, a range input and an output. On the CSS side, this involves using a conic-gradient() with a stop set to a CSS variable.
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Laravel 5.6 Dynamic Rate Limiting Provides Per-User Request Throttling

Coming in Laravel 5.6 you can use dynamic rate-limiting to determine the maximum number of requests that a user can make based on an attribute of the authenticated user model. Previously, when specifying a rate-limit on a group of routes, you had to provide a hard-coded number of maximum requests.
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Keeping aspect-ratio with HTML and no padding tricks

For a long time we’ve been told the only way to have a DOM element keep a fixed aspect ratio without Javascript is with the % padding trick. Like here: But what if there was a nicer looking hack to do this?
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Triplebyte: Helping Engineers Find Great Startups

Take our quick online coding quiz. No resume needed. Get matched with 200 top tech companies.
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Using Storybook with Nuxt

Nuxt.js has been a lot of fun to use in production web apps and side projects. It's simple, fast, and seems very in line with web standards when it comes to creating components, importing plugins, etc. Equally as exciting has been the rise of Storybook.
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Stimulus: A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have

The team over at Basecamp has released a new Javascript framework (v1.0.0) called Stimulus, available as of January 30th. Stimulus is quite a departure from some of the more popular frontend JavaScript frameworks, touting more separation of concerns between your HTML’s content and behavior:
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Create Angular App Themes with Bootstrap 4, Sass & Kendo UI

In this tutorial, learn how to quickly build and style new universal themes for your Angular apps using Bootstrap, Saas and Kendo UI. If you have created new Angular projects from the Angular CLI, you’ll know they come with a bare-bones UI layout.
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Material Design Bootstrap 4 and Angular 5 Tutorial - MdBootstrap

With Bootstrap 4.0 just releasing, I thought it would be worth taking a look at how to integrate it into an Angular 5 app. offers a package built specifically for Angular 5 that allows you to use Bootstrap 4 along with Material Design for the frontend of your app.
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Learn Bootstrap 4 Final in 2018 with our Free Crash Course

Last year, I released a Bootstrap 4 Course, but it was in alpha back then. Literally 2 days ago, (January 18), Bootstrap 4 released to its full 4.0.0 version.
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Observables With Angular 5

We have a case where we use observables to populate the UI from the external data asynchronously. Angular uses the same thing for this task, so let’s see how we can use the observables and use them in an Angular application.
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Building a PWA with Stencil: Rendering Layouts | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

How to Store Files on Firebase Storage with Ionic

We all know that Firebase is pretty amazing when it comes to realtime updates of your data. But what Firebase is also great for is uploading data and files to the private Storage each of your Firebase Apps has!
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Building a Vue SPA with Laravel Part 2

In this tutorial, we continue Building a Vue single-page application (SPA) with Laravel by learning how to load async data from a Laravel API endpoint inside a Vue component. We will also look at error handling when an API response returns an error and how to respond in the interface.
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Building a PWA with Stencil: Project Structure and Syntax | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

A Multi-Step Form in Vue.js

Last week I wrote up a demo explaining how to build a simple quiz using Vue.js. As part of that process, I demonstrated how to render one question of the quiz at a time and navigate through the set of questions.
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CapLinked Announces Blockchain Framework