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Building a Screenshot-Taking Tool’s Front-End UI Using Vue.js

Vue.js is an amazing JavaScript library that can be used to handle the front-end of all sorts of UIs besides just Single Page Apps. A screenshot-taking tool is the perfect example to showcase how powerful and easy to use Vue.js is.
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Introduction to The Beginner's Guide to ReactJS

Eloquent Mutators and Accessors in Laravel

In this article, we'll go through mutators and accessors of the Eloquent ORM in the Laravel web framework. After the introduction, we'll go through a handful of examples to understand these concepts.
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How to Visualise Firebase Data with Chart.js and Ionic

We’ve seen many Firebase realtime apps with chats, shopping lists and the classic todo list. But there’s so much else that can benefit from the live updates and sync of your data. What if we could visualise Firebase Data? In this tutorial we will combine 3 great things: Firebase, Chart.
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Accessing and Adding Styles to the Host Element in Stencil | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

How to Work with Service Workers In Angular 5

This article was prepared by a guest contributor to ProgrammableWeb. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view of ProgrammableWeb or its editorial staff.
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Building a Serverless CMS Powered by Vue.js

Vue.js, a progressive framework for building user interfaces, is gaining in popularity among developers. But why yet another JavaScript framework? Vue has learned from the experiences of Angular and React and many see it as simpler to implement and understand. Vue.
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“../../../are-we/there/yet” — or how to improve TypeScript & Sass imports

If you’ve ever worked on a slightly bigger Angular app, you are probably well aware of the issue of traversing the directory structure in the need of a file you need to include in your TypeScript. It usually looks like this:
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ngrev License MIT
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Polacode : Visual Studio Marketplace

Using Stencil to Create a Custom Web Component with a Public API Method | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

CSS, JS, & Media not working

Sometimes you’ll find your assets aren’t loading when you preview or publish your site. This is almost always due to path issues. The best way to solve this issue is to ensure you’re always allowing your SSG (Static Site Generator) to generate URLs.
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