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Showing posts from March 4, 2018

Max Lynch on Twitter

Using @getcapacitor and upcoming Ionic PWA elements in Electron is working, thanks to @IT_MikeS
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CSS calc()

Ever wondered what in the world the calc() property is? Well, you're about to find out! It can be used for creating layouts in CSS. For this purpose, you can also use the position property.
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Introduction to Using Storybook for Angular

Storybook is a tool that allows to test an app’s components in isolation and in a flat hierarchy. A storybook is a series of stories that display our components with specified inputs and outputs in a nice browser view.
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User Defined Schedules in Laravel

Recently Adam Wathan and Taylor Otwell have used Basecamp to track what they are doing every day–a tech diary. Notably, they are using the check-in feature which allows you to schedule questions to be sent to members about almost anything.
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Ngrx and Angular 2 Tutorial: Building a Reactive Application

We talk a lot about reactive programming in the Angular realm. Reactive programming and Angular 2 seem to go hand in hand. However, for anyone not familiar with both technologies, it can be quite a daunting task to figure out what it is all about.
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Learn JavaScript Fundamentals at KnowJS

My buddy Brian Rinaldi has been running free online developer meetings over the past few months at Certified Fresh Events. Last night he announced a new event, KnowJS.
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Build a realtime voting app in less than 10 min

Realtime technology and data are making applications more useful and practical. The whole realtime world is so fascinating and every bit of it’s exploration only makes one more awestruck!
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Running Custom Native iOS Code in Ionic with Capacitor | joshmorony - Build Mobile Apps with HTML5

How to Use Ionic SQLite Queries & Pre-Populated Database

Although the Ionic Storage package is great to store almost any kind of data, many of the readers wrote they are using MySQL on the backend side and need some more equivalent storage inside their Ionic app.
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