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Showing posts from June 3, 2018

Setting up Netlify CMS on Hugo

Netlify CMS is an open source content management system for your Git workflow that enables you to provide editors with friendly UI and intuitive workflow. You can use it with any static site generator to create faster, more flexible web projects.
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Angular — Advanced Styling Guide (v4+)

In this guide we want to cover the different options available when styling Angular Components and Directives. We will cover: You can explore the final code by using this Plunker.
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JavaScript Regular Expressions: Beyond the Basics

In our previous tutorial about regular expressions in JavaScript, you learned about the usefulness of regular expressions and how to write some of your own to match simple patterns.
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Collab on Code – A Free Cloud IDE for Coding with Multiple People

Working in the cloud has become the norm for many developers. You’ve got plenty of cloud IDEs to work with and most of them have features rivaling desktop editors. But few programs have any sort of collaborative mode where you can edit code with others.
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Animate Images and Videos with curtains.js

While browsing the latest award-winning websites, you may notice a lot of fancy image distortion animations or neat 3D effects. Most of them are created with WebGL, an API allowing GPU-accelerated image processing effects and animations.
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Replacing jQuery with Vue

I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of developers out there who still reach for jQuery when tasked with building simple apps.
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Experience Is Everything – The Ultimate UX Guide

Since the advent of the computer, there has been no consensus on how to engage with technology. Over decades, patterns proven to make systems easier to use began to emerge.
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