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Showing posts from June 24, 2018

Using Stencil Web Components in Angular and the Angular CLI

In this post we are going to learn how to use a Stencil Web Component in a Angular CLI application. Stencil is a compiler that allows us to author reusable Web Components. To learn more check out how to get started with your first Stencil Component.
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Sara Vieira ? @ ? on Twitter

GraphQL and Rest Differences explained with burgers
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Daniel Stefanovic on Twitter

Wrap your console.log arguments in an object literal to print the variable name along with its value. console.log(isLoggedIn) console.log({ isLoggedIn }) Still one of my favorite tips from @wesbos. So simple but effective
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Why You Should Learn JavaScript Programming Language?

JavaScript has a lot of haters out there. It has received a lot of criticism on grounds of its Document Object Model (DOM), its lack of modules, its way of handling methods on objects as many others.
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Service Workers: The Complete Guide

In this post, we are going to do a practical guided Tour of Service Workers, by focusing on one of its most important use cases: Application Download and Installation (including application versioning).
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