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Ionic Framework


Try code-server now for free at Download a binary (Linux and OSX supported. Windows coming soon)
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How to Use Android Phone as Webcam For Streaming on Your PC?

So, how to use Android phone as webcam? Yes. You are thinking that why would you need that in the first place? I bet, reasons are many. The first and the foremost reason to use android phone as a tool is to mother ‘user-generated content’.
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Angular Dynamic Routes for User Profiles

Note: GIT master branch updated with dynamic routes. Please try to checkout old branch and try these steps to practice more. Previous Parts Please follow the previous parts for better understanding.
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Ionic 4 and Angular: Tabs

Tabs! They’re a stable way to manage multiple views in modern applications. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to use Tabs with Ionic 4. We’ll be using Ionic and Angular for this example, but as Ionic components are standard Web Components, the process is similar across frameworks.
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MEAN Stack and Startups: Are they Made for Each Other?

The MEAN stack is an assortment of various technologies — MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js — bound together by a single, dynamic programming language, JavaScript, for building a robust web application.
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Capacitor: Running a Web App on Mobile

Capacitor, a project built by the team behind Ionic, is a great way to take your JavaScript web applications and get them running on iOS, Android, desktop (via Electron) or the web platform. It allows you to access the native device’s SDKs and aims to be a replacement for Cordova.
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Static Site Generators: A Beginner’s Guide

Let’s say your next project is going to be a simple HTML website for a resumé, marketing a product or service, documenting your software, or something along those lines. A great option for you is to build your website using static site generators (SSG).
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Ionic 4 and React

Mobile applications built with React typically use React Native for their library of choice. Ionic has a similar mission, but achieves it in a different way.
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Getting Started with Gridsome

The era of Static Site Generators is changing over time, a lot of cool tools are being created to help foster the JAMStack evolution and developers are embracing these tools. One of the tools for creating blazing fast websites is Gridsome.
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