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How to send JWT automatically in Angular HTTP requests

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State Management with Redux in Ionic & StencilJS: Loading Data

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Build Secure Offline Apps with Ionic & Couchbase Lite

Couchbase Lite is a full-featured NoSQL database that runs locally on mobile devices.
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The State of Angular: ng-conf 2019

TL;DR Auth0's Sam Julien and Kim Maida spoke at ng-conf 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find all of the videos on YouTube and check out my central repository for the speakers' slides. The Angular community is special. I know all tech communities think that, but it's true with Angular.
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Design Systems with Web Components

How Stencil can build Web Components for any Design System. This is a developers view into how a design system will work in any size organization. If you have ever worked for a company that has several disparate sites, built with multiple technologies, keep reading.
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I used Angular Elements w/TensorflowJS to load a pre-trained toxicity model in a Chrome Extension for text analysis... take a look

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Angular - All Talks from ng-conf 2019

Note: Some of the talks and slides are still missing. This post will be updated incrementally as soon as these will be available. Jennifer Wadella has been writing code since before she realized it was a credible career path.
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