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Showing posts from August 18, 2019

Develop 99% of your Ionic app in the browser with Capacitor

One of the very special things about Ionic and Capacitor is that a huge bulk of your app development can happen right in a browser on your desktop.
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Animated Loading Spinner with CSS in NativeScript

In this NativeScript tutorial, we'll show you how to replace the 'ActivityIndicator' that comes with the iOS and Android platforms with a more flexible one that we'll design ourselves.
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Native/Web Facebook Authentication with Firebase in Ionic

The Firebase JavaScript SDK - which we will be using in this tutorial - provides a really simple web-based method for authenticating your users in an Ionic application by using Facebook. If we are intending to launch the application as a PWA then this method will work fantastically.
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Build an Infinite Scroll Image Gallery with Gatsby and Netlify Functions

What's the trend about static sites and decoupled development architectures with the JAMStack? Why are top sites and apps moving to build with "static site generators"? It's speed, security, affordability, developer experience and much more. We are here for it all.
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Let’s Build a JAMstack E-Commerce Store with Netlify Functions

The very first step is to set up our app. This one is built with Nuxt to create a Vue app, but you can replace these commands with your tech stack of choice: I am using yarn, hub (which allows me to create repos from the command line) and Nuxt.
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Developing a watchOS Extension For Your NativeScript App

In this article we’ll look at how to develop a watchOS companion app for your NativeScript-built iOS app. If you follow this article’s steps you’ll build a simple watchOS app that looks like this. NOTE: The final code for this article is available on GitHub at https://github.
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